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Where it happened: his room
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My first time was more on a dare than anything else. In my freshman year there was this boy named Justin who was totally hot and every girl wanted to be with him but he kept hanging out with me at lunch and stuff and asking me questions and one time kissed me in the stairwell. One day he was like do you want to come over this afternoon because no one is home and I am like For what?? and he said oh we could make out. So I rode his bus instead of mine and we went to his house. His house was really cool and we were watching tv and he started kissing my neck and lips and he turned me on so much. Up to this time I had only been fingered one time and that was down my pants and I had rubbed a boys dick inside his pants. So after a minute Justin just stood up and pulled down his jeans and there was his dick sticking out. I was shocked to see it I will admit. So I started licking around it and sucked it and he held my head so it would go in more. I had heard that he had experience before. He said do you want to go upstairs and I was like OKKK so we walked up stairs him first with no pants and me behind looking at his white ass. LOL. We went in his bedroom and he said arent you going to take off your clothes so I took down my pants and no boy had ever seen my pussy before. I was sorta turning away from him and he said let me see that and he started fingering me on the bed and got me very wet. The he took of my shirt and bra and started licking my boobs and fingering me. I was so turned on at that time and he got up for a minute and took off his shirt so we were both totally naked. He then went to his drawer and got a condom and sat on the bed and put it on and I knew that I was going to have sex. He got on top of me and pulled my legs apart and started to push it in but it hurt! So he pulled out and then tried again and it went in some and it didnt hurt that much and then he just laid on top of me and started humping slow and then faster. I could feel his dick inside me and never had such a feeling. He was all sweaty and kept saying my name which I thought was sweet. In about five minutes he was moaning and said he was going to cum and he started fucking really fast and I felt him grunt and moan and he cummed. He told me I was so good and he wanted to fuck me over and over. I said I was sore but maybe the next day. We did go over to his house the next day and had sex again and this time he ate me out and I had my first orgasm with him. So that is the story of my first fuck.

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