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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Frat House Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time was not enjoyable like most of these stories. I was a freshman in college not really into parties and had had little experience at the dating game. I had come from a small rural town and was very petite ( 5’2″ and 95lbs.) This guy named Russ had been asking me out for a few weeks but I had refused. My friends however were encouraging me to get out to do things and pushed me into a date with him. He invited me to a fraternity party ( he was a junior ) on a Friday night which I figured would be ok. When we got to the party he ask me what I wanted to drink and I said a coke. When he came back I took a drink and could tell it had something in it. I ask what it was and he told me he had put a litle Rum in it. I had had a beer or two before but never hard liquor and never had been even tipsy. As soon as I finished the first one he had a second ready. Before I knew what was happening I was really drunk and told him I needed to get some air. He told me I looked ill and that he would take me and let me lay down for a few minutes. He took me to one of the bedrooms in the rear of the house and I layed down on the bed. The room was really spinning but I wasn’t sick or anything. Russ layed down on the bed beside me and put his arm around me. I felt a little uncomfortable but was to drunk to get up and go. Before long I had either past out or gone to sleep. I came to after a while and to my surprise Russ had removed my panties taken his pants and underwear off and was between my legs. I screamed but he put his hand over my mouth and told me to relax. I tried to get up but his weight was too much for me. He told me if I wouldn’t scream he would move his hand and I shook my head ok. When he did the first thing I did was to tell him that I was a virgin and didn’t want to loose that. He told me that that really turned him on because he had never had a virgin and he moved against my opening and started pushing himself in me. The pain was very bad and I started crying but he didn’t stop. He had already taken my virginity so I begged him to please not come in me. I just kept repeating please don’t come, please don’t come. Finally that plea was in vain also as he let go with everything he had. When he had finished he told me I had been very good and showed me where the bathroom was. I cleaned up the best I could and ask him to take me back to my dorm. When I got back the other girls ask why I was back and I told them I got drunk and sick. I didn’t say a thing about what had happened for about three weeks until I got my period and was sure that I had not gotten pregnant. Then I told a couple of my best friends.

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