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Age when it happend: 44
Where it happened: in an oceanside motel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Let me start out by saying I am Married.This is my first AFFAIR that meant something to me husband and I have sex..but not make love~~I met the love of my life On-Line..I never meant it to happen..but it did.Somehow-for some reason it did.I travelled 2000 miles to see what this soulmate of mine was all about.We chatted and chatted and it was actually spooky -how alike we were.Curiosity got the best of me..I convinced my hubby to let me vacation on my own..and his wife agreed to let him spend a few days with his ICQ friend.We rented a hotel room….Oceanside..for 2 glorious days..!! The first time I stepped off the plane–it was like we knew each other for all our lives–we kissed with such passion..the minute our lips touched–there was an electricity going through both of us–we knew this was meant to be.We looked into eachothers eyes and knew what we should be doing! The drive to the notel was filled with kissed..hugs..and touchy-feelies!When we finally arrived at the motel…all it took for us to get aroused was looking at each other..It was love…real love…The first embrace was awesome–we looked into each others eyes and off came our clothes…The feel of our bodies touching each other was overwhelming…..Exciting..sensual…erotic..something we have waited for with anticipation.When our clothes were off–heaven was near..we embraced and with his magic touch—made me have an orgasm before even I even reached the bed!When we finally laid down…he laid on top of me and did things to me I only dream about…he took me to heaven and back…and then it was my turn to do it to him…he fell under my spell and together we had HEAVEN on earth..!!!Those days went so fast–I had to go home..but our internet affair is alive and working!!!We have sex on the computer ..and phone..and I am going to visit in a month and we will see where this “vacation” led to……Sex with him was fantastic and I want more!!!We are thinking about a future together..a realtionship this good is too good to waste ! I love him sooooo much and he loves me!!Maybe there will be a Mr. and Mrs. someday!!!

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