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kitties tale

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: His hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

oh my…S this is one that I will NEVER forget! My boyfriend of 3 years moved away for school. It was hard to keep in touch with him, but we managed. We used Email, chatrooms, and calling to keep in touch. Well we decided to play around in a BDSM chatroom one night. WE totally got into it!! He was the Dom/Master and he called me his kitty. For about a month over the weekends, we would meet in the chatroom and play. This was a major turn on, having him give me orders in the chatroom. Well one Friday night I was waiting in the room and he wasn’t there, well I knew that his computer had a attitude so figured I would give him a while. Soon after the phone rang. IT was him. He came home and was staying at a hotel. His parents didn’t know he was home and he wanted it a secret. He asked me to meet him there right away. I hurried back to the chatroom and left it, hurried and turned off the computer. As I was out the door the phone rang again, I was debating on answering it, but decided to. It was him again, WIth his serious tone, he told me to wear a skirt and a nice shirt with no bra or panties. He said that I would get punished if I didn’t obey his orders. I could feel myself getting moist and turned on with this. I ran back in my room and did as I was told. I was not use to not wearing any panties but found it very arousing. I drove as fast as I could to the hotel, but managed to escape from getting any tickets. I screeched to a hault in a parking space and tried to control myself as I walked in the hotel’s front doors. I can feel my juices almost running out. I was told his room and went there. I softly knocked on the door. I could hear him messing around in there then he ordered me in. The room had candles all over adn I could see him sitting on the bed, completely naked. WOW!! He was fully erect. He then started to order me to do stuff like serve him dinner from the table and pull down his bed sheets. I knew he could smell my arousal. Finally he grabbed me and threw me down on the bed. MY hands were lightly tied up above my head so I couldn’t touch him. He then began to unbutton my shirt and playing with my nipples. He would take the material of the soft shirt and rub it across my nipples. This caused them to become erect!! He then went down and sucked on them. His one hand roamed and lifted up my skirt. His fingers started to tease my clit and slide up and down my wetness. I was softly moaning since I had been waiting for this day for a long time. Without any warning he went down on me. He sucked and ate me out, in no time i was begging for a orgasm. And he finally gave me permission to have one. I exploded!!! It was a amazing feeling. He then took his time to untie my hands and slid his 6 inch penis in me. WOW… it was amazing. We made love most of the night and it was wonderful!!! Till this day, we are still together, and he still comes in town to stay at the hotel. We have explored alot of the BDSM stuff together. WOW..hehehe

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