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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: at home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

that day i was alone at my home and reading my chemistry
book i was wearing tshirt and short pant. and the door bell
ring so i have opened the door, i found that a women who stays on 2nd floor, i know her very well as she was participating our family functions. so allowe her to enter
in the room. she was wearing nighty. which is as transperant
as i could see the black bra she was wearing and black colour panty, we started talking about the comming function
in the society but she noticed that i have been watching continuosly her big boobs which are comming from the bra.
she understand that i got erected, i don’t know what i was
talking to her then she suddenly told me is there any problem with you, i suddenly put my hand on her one boobs
and was terriblely upset and ran to the bedroom, she also
come to bedroom and she told me why are you nervous it is
natural, if you want to see me naked i will give full access
of my body. and next movement she has taken all of her cloths i was not in a position what to do. am i doing any thing wrong.. till the time she has removed all the clothes
and she started removing mine the she put her lips on my lips she put her left hand on my erected dick… and the things are become so hard i have enjoyed that 25 minutes…
she has sucked also… and lick my cock … test my liqures..
after this we both come to main hall and she told me we can
continue the as and when she demand…

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