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Age when it happend: 16
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

When i was 15 i lost my virginity while With a group of mates. I was out in town one afternoon when it was a half day at school. I was walking around With about 5 other girls and about 10 other boys. WHen we got into the Back streets the Girls Paired off with Their Parteners, i presume, to lose their virginity. I HAdnt got a boyfriend at the time and the Only 5 boys left were 2 of the Most popular guys in the school, who both had girlfreinds, and 3 other single Mates. The 2 Guys were Called Jase and Mike. Jase Pulled me around a corner and started kissing me. I Just stood their Shoked be then started kissing him Back. He then had an erection and i was getting Horny.Mike came round the Cornr and Had a fight with JAse over me. It was funny but mike soon left. Jase put his hand up my skirt and lifted me up by the Pussy and Pulled my legs around him. I Was totally Horny by then and he stood me up and started pulling my Pantys Down slowly. He Started Fingering me and Licking my pussy. I moaned with delight and begged him to do more. Mike came back and Mike was kissing me while Jase fingered and licked me. I loved it and They both Stripped Me. They each had turns at fucking me and Licking me. By the End I had two boyfriends and became the most popular girl in school.

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