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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: his office
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I grew up in a small town in California where everyone knew and talked about everyone so, being a good girl, I didn’t have sex in high school. Sure, I fooled around a little. I let my boyfriend suck my breasts, and I even sucked his cock a few times, but I never let him go any farther.
Then, as a freshman at UCSB I found that I was just about the only virgin in the dorm. My roommate teased me and tried to drag me along to the wild parties she attended, and tried to fix me up with guys. I went to a few of the parties and met some of the guys, but I wanted my first time to be with a really special guy, so I didn’t have sex with any of them. Also, I really wanted to concentrate on my classes.
Right from the start I feared I was going to have trouble in two of my classes, philosophy and mathematics, and I was right. I went to talk to my philosophy TA for help. He was about 5’10” with the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen, and a moustache that made him look very sexy. Also, nearly everyone in the class had already decided that he was the smartest guy they’d ever met. I mean, he seemed to know about everything, and he had amazing ideas about any subject. As I sat and listened to him talk I found myself staring into his eyes and imagining what it would be like to kiss him. He made me feel very comfortable asking questions and, except for my daydreaming about him, he really helped me to understand much better. As a result, I started going to all of his office hours (three times each week).
Usually I was the only student who came to his office hours with questions, so we had the whole hour together. Other times I would let the other students go first, so that I would be the last student and could talk to him for the rest of the time. At first, I worried that he might not want me to bother him with so many questions, so I purposely stayed away one day during the second week. Next time, once we were inside his office, he asked me what I’d been doing, because he’d come to expect me to be there for his office hours. Then I told him why I’d stayed away and he smiled and even laughed a little and said, “Oh, on the contrary, you can talk to me any time you want. First, that’s what office hours are for. Second, I really enjoy talking to you.” Wow, that made me sky high, because I believed he really meant it. This absolutely brilliant guy really wanted to talk with me!
I learned from my roommate that he was only a few years older than me, that he was single, had no steady girlfriend, and that all of the other graduate students and even the professors were in awe of this guy’s intellect. Well, after he told me that he liked talking to me I never missed a day. Also, we started to get to know one another and began to talk about ourselves. He was just so incredible that I would sit there sometimes long after his office hours were over, until finally he said that he had to go. One day, though, I had to leave first because I was having trouble with math. He joked that he could help me with math, too, and I confessed that I wished he would because I didn’t think my math TA was very helpful. To my surprise, he responded that I should get out my math book! And he was more knowledgeable than the math teacher!
Well, needless to say by this point, I had a major crush, but I knew we couldn’t act on it. Then, one day I took a nap and when I woke I was late for his office hour, and my paper was due in a few days and I really needed help. I dressed and practically ran the whole way to his office. When I got there he was just about to leave, but he agreed to stay extra just for me. As I sat down I was so relieved, still in a hurry, and definitely overheated from racing there. In a quick move I removed my sweatshirt, but I didn’t really grab hold of my t-shirt at the same time, so all of a sudden I was topless (I had removed my bra when I lay down to nap and, to save time, hadn’t put it back on). I was so embarassed that I just clutched my sweatshirt in front of my bare breasts and apologized to him as I tried to figure out the most ladylike way to put my shirt back on without exposing myself again.
He smiled, told me that it was cute that I was blushing so much, and said that I really had nothing to apologize for. He said now he was going to have a hard time thinking about anything else, so I could forget about learning any philosophy that day. I had to laugh at that. Then he continued that he should be the one apologizing to me, because he couldn’t help staring at my beautiful breasts. Then I surprised myself when I let my sweatshirt drop to my lap, saying “Well, if we’re not going to be able to do any philosophy …”
He was clearly shocked, but pleased, and he very gently reached out and began to fondle my breasts. I moved closer to him, and he began to suck my aching nipples. Soon he was kissing me from my belly to my neck and caressing me all over my bare back and front as I let out little moans. Finally, one of his hands slipped down to my crotch. After teasing me a moment there, he lowered my pants and panties in one motion. I was tempted to stop him, but I was just too excited, so instead I spread my legs. I had an orgasm just from his tongue on my breasts and his fingers brushing lightly against my bare mound. Just after that first orgasm he kissed me for the first time and told me that I was incredibly sexy. Meanwhile his fingers were running along the length of my dripping pussy. Then he inserted a finger just a little and I shuddered. I was too embarassed to tell him to replace it with his cock, but I finally managed to whisper, “Take me.”
He pulled away to look at me, but his fingers kept moving, and he said that we shouldn’t because I was his student. I said I didn’t care, I wanted him, and I’d never tell anyone. Then he said, “I’d love to, but I don’t have a condom, and I don’t want us to worry about diseases or pregnancy.” I lied and told him that I’d been tested and didn’t have any diseases, because I was afraid to admit that I was still a virgin, and I lied about being on the pill. Anything to get him to shut up and fuck me like I knew he wanted to. With that, he opened his trousers and took out a big stiff cock, much bigger than I’d ever seen, and began to rub it against my aching pussy. Then he slowly began to push it in. Once it was inside he gave me a few short, heavenly strokes, and then pushed hard and sunk it in all the way. I yelped a little in pain, and he stopped. He scolded me and told me that I should have told him that I was a virgin, and he would have been more gentle. Then he apologized and pulled out.
I grabbed his shoulders and told him not to stop. He said, “Are you sure?” I was sure. There was nothing I wanted more than to have that beautiful cock deep inside me. He then gave me first fucking. I loved it, but because I was sore I wasn’t able to come again while he fucked me. When he came he pulled out and I got to watch his cock spurt all over my breasts and belly. I wanted to suck it, but I was afraid that he would think I was slutty, so I just lay there watching.
After a moment he told me to wait right there and not move an inch. Then he pulled up his pants and left the room. I started to worry that someone would see us, and I wanted to put on my clothes, but I didn’t want to stain them with my blood or our cum, so I obeyed him and just lay there thinking about how lucky I’d been to have taken off my shirt by accident. Quickly he returned with a pile of paper towels, some wet and some dry, and proceeded to wipe my breasts and belly clean with long, slow strokes. When his cum was cleaned off, he began to suck my breasts again. God, I wanted him to fuck me again, but I knew that it would probably hurt too much.
Then, he began to wipe the blood and cum from my legs and pussy. I tried to help, but he demanded that I just lie there. All these ministrations made me so horny as he wiped and caressed my pussy and thighs. Finally he said, “Now, this is for being so sweet and letting me fuck you even though I was hurting you.” Then he leaned down and began to lick my pussy. When he began to lick and suck my clitoris I went insane and had numerous orgasms while he just kept licking and sucking me. Finally, when I was absolutely exhausted, he stopped licking, then wiped me clean again and helped me to dress.
Next day I was embarassed, and was wondering if I would have the courage to visit his office again, when he came up to me after class and asked how I was. Then he offered to walk with me. We walked to his office and we kissed, talked, he fondled me through my clothes, and he invited me to go home with him. Of course I went. There he licked my pussy again and he taught me different ways to suck his cock so that I could make him cum. He told me that he wasn’t going to fuck me for a few days because I was sore, and he kept his word, but he also licked me like no man ever has since. Finally, after a few days he fucked me again, and this time I had the best orgasm of my life. We continued to fuck and suck for the rest of that whole year, but the following year he was no longer teaching there and I didn’t have the courage to track him down. To this day I wonder where he is, and sometimes lie awake dreaming about him. He’s still the best I ever had.
Oh, by the way, I managed only a ‘B’ in the course, but I earned an ‘A’ in math with his help, and he told me that I had earned an ‘A+’ in “office hours.”

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