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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: cousin's place
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

When I was just 15 I used to spend a lotta time in at my cousin’s place. They had 5 kids, 3 girls and two boys. My uncle was a bodybuilder and was always away in some gym or competition. My aunt was a beauty queen before she married my uncle. Even though she has aged a bit, she still has that special ‘thing’ about her that drives men crazy. She can cook too. I must admit that my being there often was more becuase of her than because of her kids. During long school vacations I would spend weeks there and they loved it too. One night, when all my cousins were sleeping in their rooms I woke up to go to the bathroom. As I passed my aunt’s room I heard groaning sounds coming from inside. I sneaked in to see what was wrong with her, … and saw her laying naked, flat on her bed rubbing herslf with her eyes closed. Oh my gosh … she was beautiful. The smell of her body aroused me so much that I just had to grab my throbbing dick and masterbate. The sound when I dropped my shorts made her stop and open her eyes. I was tongue-tied. My aunt smiled reassuringly and said “it’s okay … come to aunty. Let me hug you”. Gulping in anticipation I climbed into her warm embrace as she caressed me like a baby. She couldn’t help but notice that I was licking her pink nipples like a baby looking for milk. Slowly she nursed me in her gentle arms, rocking as I relished her sweetness, my fingers searching for her crotch as she laid further back spreading herself for me. Naturally my tongue began to travel down to her tummy and right down to her delicious cunt, dripping with her juices. I’ve never seen, let alone taste a woman’s cunt before, thus I made sure I enjoyed every moment, licking and sucking her and making her groan for more. “I love you aunty … I really do” was all I could say as she sucked my throbbing dick after she managed to move me into the 69 position. Her frenzied cock sucking made her cum on my tongue again and again, spewing delicious cunt juice which I lapped like a hungry puppy. I did’nt want it to stop, so I held back my cum and enjoyed her tongue curls over my cock-head as my tongue stabbed into her cunt again and again. Suddenly she shook under the pressure of a gigantic orgasm and than sprawled back in exhaustion. Without wasting any more time,I climbed over her and fucked her like a bucking bronco, sucking her tits as I banged my hard cock deep into her crevice. I screamed “Ooo aunty … I looove yoooou’ as I released my sperm into her, bucking as I went. Even after I had gone limp, she came back on top and rubbed my dick on her clit until it came back hardened and ready for more. Slowly she placed it on her ass, using her own juices as lubricant, sliding my cock into her for a second treat. She wanted this ride to be her’s so I allowed her to stay on top as she rode my cock with her ass til my cock burst its’ second blast of sperm just when she reached her second giant orgasm. We remained entwined in each other’s arms the whole night. The next morning my 14 year old cousin Sarah came in to wake her Mom and was surprised to see mom laying on my tummy, exhausted and still asleep. Sarah asked me what was she doing? I told her that I had a fever last night and her mom was just keeping me warm. She smiled and whispered into my ears “I know you fucked my mom last night … didn’t you?” Shocked by her reaction I quickly got out of bed and tried to get to the bathroom. Sarah didn’t want to let me go. “I want what mom got from you” said Sarah as she undressed and rubbed her young cunt waiting for my attention. “Okay … okay … take it easy” I said as I tried to make sense of what is happening to me right now. “Lick me first” Sarah demanded as she spread herself in bed waiting for me to kneel down and eat her. Sarah was still a virgin, but she was always trying to hug me everytime we were together. I guess I knew this was to eventually happen but I never thought that I would be fucking Sarah just moments after I unloaded my dick into her mom. Sarah couldn’t wait for an orgasm, so she shoved her cunt into my mouth banging for my tongue lashings. I took a step back and said “hei .. if you want me so badly lemme do it my way will yer” as I kissed her cunt gently making her body vibrate as she got her first orgasm. I kept my tongue in her until she laid back to catch her breath. Seeing her spread out like that made me wanna fuck her hard. I placed my cock where her dripping cunt was and just shoved it hard into her tight virgin pussy making sure that she squirmed with ecstacy as I ravaged her hymen. Sarah lifted her ass as I increased my pace into her. She screamed as she cummed over my cock, making me hornier than ever. After she stopped shivering, I poked my cock into her asshole and banged her hard until my dick spewed my second load into Sarah … thrusting it in until my last drop of sperm. Little did we know that while we were fucking, my aunt caught all of it on camera. Smiling and getting pleased with herself my aunt said “Sarah, … don’t you ever tell daddy about what Kid did to mom okay?” Sarah gave her a guilty nod but winked back saying “Mom, you can’t tell daddy too” making all of us laugh it away. I must admit that I still love both of them after all these years.

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