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Kerry’s Spring Training

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Florida hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

For my 15th birthday, my dad took me to Florida to see the Dodgers in spring training. We were both big baseball fans, but things hadn’t been going well at home. I was a typical rebellious teenager and I guess my dad hoped that time alone with him and me would do us good. Well, I was in a pretty bad mood since I had a big fight with my girlfriend the night before we left. It was the same arguement we always had. I wanted sex and she didn’t. I admit now that I was real prick back then. Even though I fought alot with my dad, we could always talk about anything. I told him why I was in a bad mood and he was cool and listened to me even though he did point out that I was wrong.

We got to Vero Beach on a Saturday night and our hotel was right on the beach. On Sunday we went to the ballgame and had a good time. Even though it was March it was very hot so when we got back to the hotel I told my dad I was going swimming. I went out to the pool and there was a family with kids there and two fine looking girls sitting on the lounge chairs. I jumped in the water but I kept swimming by their chairs and eventually one of the girls started talking to me. Her name was Amber. I got out of the pool and sat down next to them. I told them my name was Kerry and that I was visiting from LA. The other girl was Christine and the two of them had driven down from Georgia on spring break. They were both 17 and still in high school. Christine was going to meet her boyfriend in a few days. He was coming from his college in Texas, and his family lived in Vero Beach. They came down early just to lie out in the sun and enjoy the beach. We talked for a while until I had to go meet my dad for dinner.

The next day the Dodgers were on the road across the state so we stayed at the hotel. I hung out at the beach all day with Amber and Christine. They were cool to be with and I really enjoyed looking at them all day in their tiny bikinis. Amber and I were really getting close and by the end of the day we were feeling each other out while lying on the sand. Again, Dad had plans for us that night but the girls also had plans. We agreed to meet early the next morning at the beach.

The next day was my birthday and we hung out at the beach all morning and Amber and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I figured it was just a matter of time before we ended up in her room, but while I bold enough to insist on sex from my girlfriend, for some reason I was shy with Amber. I always made sure, though, that she could see the erection in my swim trunks. The Dodgers had a game that afternoon and I asked Dad if Amber could come with us. Christine had to get ready to meet her boyfriend that night. The three of us went to the game. It was hot and she was wearing a tube top and shorts. She asked my to rub suntan lotion on her which I did. Then I took off my tee shirt and she rubbed lotion on me. Her hand was on my bare chest and again a tent pole was growing in my shorts. She whispered in my ear that Christine’s boyfriend was going to pick her up at 5 and she was going to stay the night at his house. She said we’d have the room to ourselves all night. Well, needless to say, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else the rest of the afternoon. The Dodgers won, I think. We went back to the hotel and Amber said to meet her at her room at 5:30. I showered and changed and told my dad I couldn’t have dinner with him that night. Although I didn’t exactly tell him all my plans he pretty well figured everything out. Like I said, he was cool even though he was disappointed since it was my birthday. By allowing me to skip dinner, he was giving me the best birthday present that I could imagine. When I walked out the door he reminded me to use protection. I had packed condoms just in case but I never really thought I would get to use them.

Amber greeted me in a cut off tee shirt with no bra and just her panties. I was already hard again and poking out against my mesh shorts. I kicked off my sandals and Amber put her arms around me and kissed me. I put my hands up under her shirt and felt her soft breasts. My girlfriend had taught me how to stimulate her nipples so I put my practice to work on Amber. She enjoyed it even more than my girlfriend. She pulled her top off and I was looking at the most perfectly formed pair of breasts I had ever seen (not that I had seen that many!) I planted my lips on her dark brown nipples and sucked like a baby. Amber stuck her hand down my shorts and rubbed my cock, which was already seeping semen. While I continued to suck her tits, I slipped my hand under her panties and inserted my fingers into her slick wet pussy. This was as far as I had ever gotten. Amber started cumming with more force and fluid than my girlfriend had ever done. Her panties had fallen to the ground and I wiped her pussy juice all over her smooth ass. Amber then unbuttoned my shirt and began to lick down my chest to my abdomen and then pulled down my shorts and while kneeling, planted her lips on my cock. She played with my balls while she sucked me and I lasted about 30 seconds. She didn’t mind drinking my cum and my knees were shaking as I drained myself into her throat. My girlfriend had always refused to give me oral sex so I always had to settle for hand jobs from her.

I took off my shirt and Amber stood up and we walked naked over to the bed. We saw ourselves in the mirror and Amber said we made a hot looking couple. She was absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t think I looked so bad myself. My pecs and abs were well defined and I had nothing to be ashamed of. We were both already dark from being out in the sun for two days straight. We laid on the bed and Amber said, “Kerry, I want to explore your body.” I laid there and she gave me a full body massage. She rubbed, licked and kissed all over my chest, stomach and legs. She licked my inner thighs and my balls, but stopped at my cock, which was gorged with blood again. She smiled and said, “that is for my pussy!” I told her I had a condom but she said unless I had a disease we didn’t need it since she was on the pill. I assured her I had no diseases and admitted that this was my first time. She couldn’t believe it and said that a boy with a body like yours could not still be a virgin. I told her she never met my girlfriend and she laughed. Then she laid on her back and spread her legs and on my 15th birthday my virgin cock entered the promised land for the first time. Amber told me just exactly what to do, how to thrust and how to satisfy her. Just being in her was an incredible experience. We fucked for about five minutes when I felt my second orgasm coming on. She had already had one of her own and when I said, “Amber, I’m cumming!” she grabbed my ass and pushed me harder into her. I exploded like a volcano and the pleasure almost took my breath away. She had the widest smile on her face as I emptied my sperm into her. She said Kerry, you’ll never forget this moment and I know I never will.

We had sex for another three hours straight then I said I needed to go check in on my dad. I told her I’d be right back. My dad laughed when I walked into his room. My hair was all messed up, my shirt was unbuttoned, I looked exhausted and I had even forgotten my sandals. But he could also tell how happy I was. He said something about son, now you’re a man and I really felt like I was sharing something special with him. He didn’t object when I said I wanted to spend the night with Amber so I grabbed my toothbrush and a change of clothes and went back to her room. My 15th birthday celebration continued until about 3 a.m. when we finally crashed out, naked in each other’s arms. When we woke up late the next morning we picked up where we left off until it was time to go to the ballgame again.

We spent the next night together because it was going to be our last. Christine returned the next morning and she and Amber were gone by noon. I sat out alone on the beach that afternoon remembering all that had happened to me over the past two days. Those memories will last a lifetime. Dad and I went to one more ballgame then we went to Disney World before we returned to California. We were much closer now and I had the best vacation of my life. I never saw Amber again because we decided that we wanted this to be a once in a lifetime experience. Oh, by the way, the Dodgers won the World Seies that year (1988). However, Kirk Gibson’s home run was only the second best experience I had that year!

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