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Age when it happend: 52
Where it happened: My Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This is a story of my first time making love to Kelly. Kelly is five foot four and very slim, with long blonde hair, slim legs and a trim body. She and I were out dancing together on our second date. It was obvious to both of us while we were dancing, that that there was a deep warmth and affection between us. She had held me close and fit next to me like a glove. We could hold each other as strongly with our eyes as with our arms. We flowed together as we moved in perfect rhythm. After the dance we left the quiet piano bar and went back to my hotel room.

As soon as we got to my room she asked to use the bathroom. I went and sat on the edge of the bed and turned on some soft music on the radio. Kelly came out of the bathroom carrying her shoes in her hand. I noticed she had taken off her stockings and was in her bare feet. She came over to me, moved between my legs and bent over and kissed me. Her lips were hot and full and wet. She slid her tongue between my lips and our tongues explored each other. I reached out for her and touched her bare legs below her short skirt. Her legs were firm and smooth as silk. I ran my fingers up her legs feeling the shape and heat of them. I touched the softness of her ass and realized she had removed her panties too. She shivered deliciously, and we continued our kiss as I softly rubbed her ass. When she couldn’t stand it any longer she clutched my head to her breasts and held me tight.

I slowly raised her skirt and slid my head down over her belly. I rubbed my cheek over her belly and the downy softness of her pubic hair. I breathed in the aroma of her pussy. I slipped one finger up between the lips of her vagina and felt the slipperiness flowing from her pussy. I rubbed my moist finger on my lips and tasted her. She tasted sweet. She reached down and picked up some of the liquid from between her legs and rubbed it on my lips. I gently sucked her fingers. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall around her ankles, she stepped out of it. My hands traced the shape of her trim hips and her smooth ass.

Kelly pulled her sweater over her head and reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She let it fall off her breasts and down her arms to the floor. Kelly has small breasts, but nipples that immediately formed the kind of tight buds I love. I ran my finger tips up her belly and over her breasts. The heat from her breasts contrasted with the roughness of her nipples. My tongue flicked her nipple and gently pulled it between my lips. I massaged her nipples with my tongue and lips. It was too much for her. She rose above me on her tip toes and used her full body weight to push me down and across the bed.

She held me in place with a kiss while she undid my shirt and then my belt. She unzipped my pants and slid her hand down my belly to my cock. I waited in anticipation of her hand. She gently stroked me and ran her thumb over the head of my cock spreading my precum. I quivered. She again rose above me, this time to pull off my shirt and pants. She returned, knelt beside me, ran her tongue up my stiff cock, and took me in her mouth. I stroked her long hair. She used long strokes with her mouth and hand, and just the right amount of pressure. Her saliva made it hot and wet. She cradled the softness of my balls in her hand, weighing and massaging them. I floated with pleasure. She continued at a nice steady pace rubbing my nipples with her free hand. The nipple to cock connection is not one I can resist. I could feel my ass tighten and my balls start to tingle. I dug my heels into the bed, pushed my cock up to meet her and pulsed my hot cum into her mouth. I roared and shook. She stroked me and held me in place with her mouth, until I gave one final shudder and lay still. She let my cum slide out of her mouth and cover my cock and balls. The warmth was incredible. She then licked all of it off my genitals and swallowed it. I pulled her up to me and kissed her lips, enjoying the slipperiness, tasting me. We lay quietly and held each other. I told her I loved her.

I rolled her off of me and traced my tongue from her breasts down her belly to her pubic hair. I slid slowly off the bed and reached out pulling her gently across the bed until her pussy was at the edge of the bed. She plied her legs open in anticipation of my lips and tongue touching her pussy. I breathed hot moist air onto her labia and then licked her inner thighs. She sighed deeply. I breathed in the musky odor of her. I ran my tongue slowly between her labia and once again tasted the slippery sweetness of her. I felt my cock swell, and her muscles contract and her tremble.

I ran my tongue between her labia applying gentle pressure. When my tongue caressed her clitoris she sighed. I licked her clitoris slowly and softly from many directions feeling the smoothness against my tongue. I increased the length of my strokes to include her vaginal opening. Soon my tongue was making long, slow repetitive trips from anus to clitoris. She was wet and flowing. Her sweet juice flowed onto my tongue. She reached down and spread her pussy lips to give me open access. I slid two of my fingers gently inside her pussy. I slowly and gently stroked the area behind her clitoris and in front of her cervix. Her muscles contracted onto my fingers. She pulsed slowly. I stroked inside her pussy and licked her clitoris at the same time. She moaned and moved her head slowly from side to side. The amount of sweetness flowing from her pussy increased and I could tell she was about to come. I kept the rhythm steady so that she could concentrate on feeling the tension building inside her. I could feel her inner walls pressing harder on my fingers. Her hips rose suddenly off the bed and her whole body contracted into a mind blowing orgasm. I climbed back onto the bed and pulled her close to me. I held her quietly until all the after shocks and tremors subsided. She said she loved me. We were bathed in sweat. We fell asleep in the spoon position with her ass folded in hot and smooth against my stomach, and my face in her hair.

The next morning I awoke to the awareness that she was snuggled into me in the same position we had fallen asleep in, with one exception. My morning hard on was snuggled comfortably between the curves of her bum. I rubbed my cock gently between the globes to increase my awareness of her. In her sleep she instinctively rolled and wiggled her bum into me. My whole body glowed. All my senses were alive to her. I lay quietly and felt her breathing. Nothing can compare to the feeling of holding a woman while she sleeps. The heat from her body was like a tropical night, she smelled like the sea.

I rose slowly and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilette and thought of her. A minute later she joined me. She straddled my legs, facing me, put her arms around my neck and snuggled into me. She held me while I peed. I kissed her gently, her mouth still soft from sleep. We changed positions on the toilette and I held her head against my belly and stroked her hair while she peed. I turned on the shower and we climbed in. I slowly and sensuously washed her body with soap and a wash cloth, taking time to focus on the shapes, curves and slopes of her. I took the time to explore every nook and cranny. When she did the same for me the warmth of the water, the slipperiness of the soap and the roughness of the wash cloth felt truly sensuous and erotic. I opened myself to her so she could reach all of me.

I knelt in front of her with the shower at my back and the water cascading over my head and softly licked her pussy. I felt like I was drowning in her. The warm water surrounded and held me, she was swallowing me up inside her. I sighed and she held my head gently, circling her clitoris against my tongue. Kelly reached down and slowly pulled me up to her and whispered in my ear, “Let’s go back to the bed.” We shut off the shower and toweled each other off with the big soft warm towels. She wrapped a big warm dry towel around herself like a monk and we went back to the bedroom. I removed the towel from her and spread it open on the chesterfield next to the window. I opened the drapes and the warm morning sun filled the room. The rays sparkled off the few drops of water left from our shower. She shimmered and glistened in front of me. She sat on the towel and I knelt in front of her.

I leaned forward and kissed her, still steamy from the shower. She reached between my legs and gently caressed my cock. I deepened the kiss in response. We kissed and the heat rose between us. I reached down and raised her knees as she guided me to her pussy. I rubbed my cock slowly up and down her pussy feeling how slippery the kiss had made her. The heat of her was incredible. I slide slowly into her for the first time. I felt her small pussy, gradually and smoothly, stretch to engulf my cock. She was soft, smooth, warm and slippery. She fit me like a heated glove. I felt held, and cherished and loved. I slid deep and held firm. I felt her slowly contract on me to hold me in place. I kissed her and looked into her eyes. She contracted onto me again. I pushed gently against her contraction. We set up a rhythm of me pushing gently forward until she contracted, and then me pushing gently against the contraction until I am buried deep, and hold. I had never experienced sex like this before with two people so in tune with each other’s rhythms. I would pull out until she barely held the tip of my cock. She would give her clitoris a gentle rub with her fingers and I would repeat the long slow slide to her depths. We continued this until I felt her open herself up to me to a depth I hadn’t reached before. I filled the spot deep inside, rocking in and out until she started moan to the rhythm of the contractions of her pussy. The sperm started to boil at the base of my cock. I pressed in tight, her pussy held me, and I felt the hot sperm shoot from me and splash the walls of her pussy. I was beyond control, I bellowed. Kelly was moving beneath me out of control, shaking her head from side to side with her unseeing eyes wide open. She tensed her body until it fell into complete alignment with my cock. My cock felt huge inside her, I held deep. For a moment I completely disappeared. I was bathed with her juices, my sperm and our sweat, I feel forward onto her with a splash and the wave washed over both of us. We held each other until our hearts stopped pounding, and the after shocks and tremors ceased. I love you Kelly.

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