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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I would get home from school before the junion high kids buss so I would see her get off the buss every day in front of my house. She was the tallest girl on the buss and a good 4 inches taller than I was although she was 2 years younger. She had really long legs and arms and was thin. I could not keep my eyes off the little gap where her legs came together.

I started to say hi to her every day and we just started to talk. She would stop and visit then go on home. After a while she would sit with me in the garage for a while and we started holding hands and stuff. She was younger so I didnt particularly want my friends to see us together so we just hung out at my house.

Something about her long thin body really had me curious and I would get hard and have to give myself a climax every time she left.

I finally got up the nerve and started giving her hugs and some kisses on the lips. We really enjoyed it and she would hold me really close. I first touched her breast through her blouse. She didnt ware a bra, and her nipples would get really hard. So since she seemed to like it, I reached up her shirt and softly pinched the nipples.

Since we were on the couch in the garage I told her we needed to go in the house. I took her hand and she just followed me to my room. While standing up kissing, I had one hand up her shirt and she started parting her lips so I could taste her sweet mouth. I was really getting turned on and since she was taller, the tip of my penis was against the bottom of her pubic bone and she was pushing against me.

I worked her shirt open and started kissing and sucking on the nipples. They were pretty flat but felt rubbery and nice.
She kept pushing against me and I climaxed and got my shorts really wet. Since I was still hard and she was still pushing against me, I pulled her skirt down and her underpants. Then I pushed mine down and put her hand on my penis. She pulled away saying i was all wet, but I told her she made me do that pushing against me and that it felt so good I wanted to do it some more. I pushed her down and got between her legs. She felt smooth and warm all over as i laid on her. Then I pulled my knees up and put my penis between her legs.

I pushed in and went all the way in. I just slipped in and it felt so good. I started pumping and she was helping. When I came It was the best feeling I had ever had.

She said she needed to get up but that it felt good and we could do it again. She said she had done this before and liked it a lot. We agreed to get together again the next day which we did.

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