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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for about eighteen months now. He wasn’t my first but I was his first. I think that knowing that really made him nervous at first but it doesn’t matter now. I know that he has made love to me more than anyone else has and quite a bit better too.
Just sitting here thinking about him is making me horny. I love it when he catches my mouth and kisses me hard out of the blue. I get a weak feeling in my knees and I grab anything I can get my hands on. Sometimes I let him tease me but sometimes I want to take control and tease him until he is moaning. I like to kiss around to his ear and nibble it a little bit so that he shivers and I can hear a catch in his breath. Then I like to take off his shirt and see if his nipples are hard. If they aren’t, I’ll lick them and bite them gently. Usually at this point I can tell he is ready for a little more stimulation and I’ll direct his hands to my tits. I have small breasts but they are really round and my nipples get really hard. I love it when he sucks on them and flicks them with his tongue. By this time I am usually ready for the main event and I will try to remove any remaining clothing. I like to watch him stroke his hard cock while I finger myself before he slips his thick cock into my waiting hole. I like it when he lays on top of me so that my nipples rub on his chest as he moves in and out of me. After I come he flips me over and enters me from behind. He goes in hard and I can feel his pubic hair brush my ass. He squeezes my cheeks and digs in deeper, I can feel his dick touch the part that makes be shake and pretty soon I come again. Then I feel his speed up and I can feel his dick get bigger and then I feel spurts of hot cum in my pussy. We collapse, his cock still in me while we wait until we catch our breath.
Writing this has been really fun. I am going to let him read what I have written and then we will see what happens.

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