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Kate gets Hypothermia

Where it happened: At a pond in Connecticut
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was brought up in a smaller town near Hartford. In High School I was among the better
students and I hung out with some of the other “brains”-mostly girls. We were not the prettiest or
most social crowd (although I had and have a nice figure) so our lives did not revolve around
dating. That is not to say we were not interested in sex-we were but doing something about it did
not come so easy to us.

In my junior year I met a new boy in class named Ken. We began getting together some for a
movie or to study and occasionally a party or something. We got along well but even after a few
months we had not gotten much beyond kissing. As kids said then we had not “reached
base’. There were some reasons. Both our mothers stayed home with the children in the family
and we did not have much privacy. Another problem was that his family were strict Catholics and
sex was really opposed by them. Is not to say that our relationship was not physical at all.
He learned to give me the nicest back rubs and, if I asked, would rub the bare skin under my
blouse. He had a gentle gentile supportive way with me and I liked him a lot.

My mother was not so much opposed to sex as she was to pregnancy. She had always warned my
sister and I that nothing would cut our ambitions quicker than an unwanted baby. After Kenny
and I had been dating a while I was folding clothes with her in her bedroom (she was a widow)
she repeated her sex warning. “Oh Mom” I said “I wish that was pertinent to us but we are not
doing anything dangerous”. “Be careful what you wish for dear” she replied , ” you never know
when teen age hormones will start raging”. She reached into her dresser and gave me a package
of condoms. “Just carry these to be sure dear” Boys do not always plan so well, and there are
more if you need them-no questions asked”. I was shocked but I put them in my purse. I felt a
little vampish carrying them to school.

One spring Saturday Kenny and I decided to take a walk in the woods for a picnic and we packed
some lunch and water and a blanket and headed down an old road near my house. After about a
mile it came to a small pond and we spread the blanket out and sat down on it. We kissed some
and I lay down across his lap and asked him to rub my back some under my shirt. It was nice and
enjoyed lying there so close and warm looking at the pond and all and my hormones began to
stir some. I got up and declared I wanted to test how cold the water was and I waded in. Kenny
on the shore warned me about the bottom and no sooner did but I lost my footing and sat right
down in the water. Just like Kenny, he rushed into the water and helped me out and put the
blanket around me. I was cold. I needed to dry my shorts and shirt but I had my modesty. I
borrowed his shirt (he had an undershirt as well), asked him not to look, and took the shirt off and
hung it on a bush. His shirt hung down almost to me knees and, with it on, I removed my shorts
and hung them up as well. I was still wet and cold so we wrapped the blanket around ourselves
and lay down.. I asked him hold me and to rub my cold legs to warm them up. I discovered his
shorts were real wet too and he took them off to dry as well.

Under the blanket some kissing was soon added to the rubbing and I could feel his erection
against by body. “This is how they cure hypothermia” he finally said as only he could say it.
“How?” I replied. He explained that when people were freezing and hypothermia you put them in
a sleeping bag with a warm person to hold them and warm them up but we were not quite doing
it right. I was getting plenty warm so I asked what we were doing wrong. He explained the
method was to remove clothing once we were wrapped up-the movement created heat and sped
up the process. “Lets try that” I said and helped him remove his tee shirt. Once it was off I asked
that he remove the shirt I was wearing and that was soon off. I sent my bra with it. We really
started rubbing and kissing then. “What about underpants?” I finally asked- he didn’t know for
sure but mine were wet from the lake and we were soon naked. “I hope you brought those
condoms” he said. I had them, of course, but we went slowly. I wanted to touch his erection and
for to kiss my nipples. While he did I moved his hand to my clitoris to rub and to feel the wetness
in my vagina. I shuddered and climaxed. We were plenty ready and I got up to get the condom. It
was the first time we had moved away from each other and for the and could really see each
others naked body. “Do you know how to do this? he asked and we figured out how to put the
condom on. “I think so I said-I lay down on my back with my knees up. You kneel down and
front and put it in”. Not quite that simple. At first he could not find the right place but I reached
down and guided it in. He knew enough to pump and I climaxed twice more before he came and
once more shortly afterward.

Afterward, we just caressed and explored each other, and even made love again before we finally
got dressed again and headed back in our still damp clothes. My mom noticed the dampness right
away and I explained we waded in the pond a little and got wet. “I hope you were careful dear’
she replied but she noticed that things had changed between us.

After that she gave us a little more space taking my sister when she went out and even loaning us
her car. We continued our romance all through our senior year ut it did not survive different
colleges but I often look at my old year book and wonder what had happened to him.

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