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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Seat of car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time was my freshman year of college. I had been very careful not to loose my virginity in high school and had planned to continue the same in college. I started going to different functions as soon as I got to college and it didn’t take long for guys to start asking me out. A couple of guy’s tried to have their way but I let them know I wasn’t interested. The guy’s I had been out with were my age or sophmores but a guy that was a senior asked me out and I was flattered and excepted. We went to dinner then a movie. After the movie he suggested we go to a party at his frat house and being a Saturday night I said ok. We got to the party and everyone was drinking which again I had done very little of. My date fixed me a mixed drink and i just sipped on it but not being a drinker I got a little tippsy. Then he fixed me another and I guess I drank it faster than I thought and I got very drunk. As soon as he realized i was drunk he said we should leave and I agreed. We drove to a secluded area of town and at first we just kissed as I was use to but before long we began some intense french kissing. As we were kissing he unbuttoned my blouse, ran his hand inside and began to play with my tit. I was so drunk that I quickly got very excited and when he took his other hand and ran it up my skirt I didn’t say anything. I had only let one other person do that so when he started fingering me I completely lost it. He eased me down in the seat and before I knew it he was between my legs and I felt his penis against me. I started to say no but I felt him going inside me and it was the most awesome feeling I had ever had. As soon as he got all the way end I got in rythum with him and when I felt him cumming I had a massive orgasm and let out with a loud sign of pleasure. When he asked me if I usually got that horny I told him it was my first time. He said “So your not on the pill or anything?” I told him no and he proceeded to lecture me that i should have asked him to use a condom because as horny as I was I would probably get pregnant. I started to cry because I suddenly realized what I had done. Sure enought when my period was due I didn’t have a sign one so I got a pregnancy test and it confirmed that he had indeed knocked me up my very first time. Nine months later I delivered a beautiful little girl.

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