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K.R.I.S N LEE friends wit benefits

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: a abandoned house n da 7th ward
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

march 24th 2009 round 9 sumin pm me n my friend leonard aka lee was talkin on yahoo gettin ready 2 do da lah webcam thing like we usually did. i mean we both was kinda horny n ready 2 do sumin bout it i jus neva kne it was gon go 2 far…so ne wayz wen i was settin up da webcam he asked me if i could meet him da next day afta skool at dat house n da 7th ward dat we usually did foreplay n, of corse i said yea cuz my hormones was outta control, den he asked me wat was i gon want do wen i get dere n i said idk i jus do we usually do n i asked him if he wanted 2 do sumin different. he said “yea let me try n stick my dick n yu at least once so yu can get dis virgin shxt ova wit” i was hessetent wit my answa 2 dat cuz even tho he was my friend wit benefits n i kinda had feelins 4 him did i really want him 2 be my 1st? i mean its not like he was my boyfriend r nutin n look at da place we was gon try 2 do it at but n da end wit a lah more thought i said wat da fuck i got 2 lose!?!? i ended up bein sayin yea…so da next day afta skool i caught da broad bus, got off at st bernard walked past his skool 2 da house texted him tellin him i was dere n waited 4 him 2 leave band practice n come. 10mins lata he was dere he laid a banket on dat dirty ass floor as i got undressed den he began 2 get undressed. wen he was finished he got behind me n started kissin n suckin on my neck as he felt on my titties. eventually i turned 2 face him n we began makin out, i sucked on his tongue as he had it lodged deep inside my mouth his hands traveled down my body n he started grippin my booty den he laid me down on da blanket. at dat point i my nerves started gettin da best of me as i watched him get out da condom i was so scared my heart started beatin boocoo fast i thought it was bout 2 come out my chest. afta he put it on i was so nervious dat i still had my legs closed, he looked at me n was like “umm yu want open yo legs” n i was like “o yea rite” i opened my legs a lah bit n he was like “can yu like open em wider n come up some” n i did open em a lah bit wider but b4 i could try 2 come up a lil he pulled me up boocoo fast n b4 i kne it he was goin n at 1st i didnt really feel nutin but den as soon as dat 1st inch went n i felt a slight pain n pulled away, afta dat he started fingerin me. he did it until he got ready 2 go bac n. afta dat he got bac n i still felt da pain but was able 2 take it, he would grind n me slow den speed up i moaned at da feelin den afta a while we both climaxed. afta all dat we got dressed hugged n told eachotha “holla atchu lata son” he ran bac 2 skool n i walked 2 delgago community college caught da last 25mins of my class den went home.

yea dis iz a true story.

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