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Where it happened: babysitting
Langauge: English
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Category: Straight

When I was a teenager, I babysat for extra money. One of the families I babysat for was a couple in our church ward. They had two small kids, and I babysat for them often. The husband was in his thirties and very handsome, and the wife was in her twenties and quite pretty. Because they lived about an hour away, I would sleep in an extra bedroom after they came home, and the husband would drive me home in the morning. I only went there on Friday or Saturday nights. Since they were Mormons too, it was OK with my parents for me to babysit for them whenever they needed me. The husband always gave me a big tip when he was driving me home. I had quite a crush on him.

One Friday afternoon, while my parents were out of town for a couple of weeks, the husband asked if I could babysit that night and the next. I agreed, and he soon came over to pick me up. When we got to his house, it turned out his wife was out of town, but I didn’t really think anything about it. He went upstairs, got ready for wherever he was going, and left. He said he would be out quite late, and not to wait up. Later, I put the kids to bed, got a shower, and went to bed in the extra bedroom. Since I went there all the time, and would get dressed before I left my room in the morning, I always slept in just my nightgown, which is kind of sheer, and barely covers my butt.

I heard him come in later, and then heard him come to my door. The door opened, and he came in, closing it behind him. I sat up a little, and he came over to the bed and sat down. He asked how the evening had gone, and we started talking. There was only moonlight coming into the room, and I didn’t realize my breasts were exposed through the sheer material while we talked. We had talked quite a long time when he asked if I would like him to rub my shoulders. It sounded good to me. We continued to talk while he was massaging me. He seemed genuinely interested in me, and asked some personal questions, which I answered. I kept thinking how nice he was. And how cute. (I have to be honest. I was fantasizing a little about him.)

During the massage, my nightgown had slipped down over my shoulders, and one of my nipples was exposed. He leaned down and kissed the side of my neck as his hands slid the shoulder straps the rest of the way down my arms. I don’t really know what I was thinking, but I let him slide my arms out of the straps. My whole top was now uncovered. He turned my head to him, and kissed me on the lips, softly at first, then harder, with his tongue exploring my mouth. I would like to tell you what I was thinking at that point, but my brain was a muddle, and I couldn’t think much beyond what I was feeling. His hands had moved to my breasts, and he was softly massaging them, letting the nipples slide between his fingers.

He lay me back on the bed, and his lips kissed their way down my neck until he was sucking each of my nipples into his mouth. I was getting wet between my legs, and I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. Then I felt his hand slide up my leg to my crotch, and softly caress me. I guess he liked what he felt because his finger slipped into my slit, and he was rubbing my clit. That totally sent me into ecstasy, and I just vaguely remember him taking off his clothes and getting between my legs.

His fingers continued to rub my clit, sometimes slipping a little into my vagina, and he was kissing me deeply, his tongue intertwining with my own by now. I was in complete climax when I felt his cock head push into my vagina. Suddenly, I was fully aware of what was happening, and there was a pinching pain in my vagina. I tried to cry out, but his mouth still covered my own. He pushed his cock into me again, and I felt his cock slide all the way into me. Finally he loosened his kiss, and all I could say was, “What have we done?” There were tears in my eyes.

We lay there for a few minutes with him kissing my tears away and apologizing to me for hurting me before I felt his cock start to slide out a little. The pain was gone, and suddenly I didn’t want him to take it out. I tried to push down to keep him inside of me about the same time that he pushed his cock back into me. I couldn’t believe the feeling. He kissed me again, and I kissed him back, while his cock slid in and out of my vagina, harder and deeper with every thrust. Within several minutes, his cock was sliding all the way in and out of me, with his balls slapping me every time our hips met. He pushed into me really hard, and then just gave short quick jabs, like he was trying to get every bit inside. I knew he was cumming in me. I could feel the warmth in me as he filled my womb with his seed, and he finally collapsed on me.

We lay there for a while, and I guess it finally hit him what we had done. He pleaded with me not to tell anybody about this. I told him that I could have stopped him early on, that it was as much my fault as his, and that I wouldn’t tell. I asked him if he had made me pregnant. He asked me when I was expecting my period, and I told him early the next week. He said there was no way I would get pregnant then. That relieved me greatly, and he turned out to be right.

With that, he started kissing me again, and I was kissing him back. At this point I figured I was going to hell, so I might as well go with him. His cock was still inside my vagina although it was softer and smaller, but with some more caressing of my breasts and kissing me, it got fully hard. My legs wrapped around him, and he started pushing his fully hardened cock back into my vagina. It was looser now, and very slippery with his cum and my own, and he slipped in and out easily. This time he lasted quite a bit longer, and I came twice before he did.

With that, we lay there whispering and kissing for a while, and then he got a shower, and went to bed in his own room. I got up a few minutes later and got a bath. I hadn’t bled on the sheet, so at least there wasn’t a stain, although it was a mess. The next morning, I washed the sheets and put them back on the bed, but it was a waste of time because we messed them up again the next night. I guess once you’ve done it, it just kept getting easier to do it again. He gave me five hundred dollars for babysitting that weekend.

Over the next s before I went to BYU, we did it several dozen times, most of the time at his friend’s apartment or in the back of his car, but a few times with his wife asleep in their room upstairs. Every time, he slipped me at least a hundred dollars before we parted, which I put in my private savings account. I couldn’t have explained having that much money or the things it could have bought. My bishop, my parents, and my future husband never did find out about the affair(I pretended that he hurt me the first time we had sex on our wedding night, and squeezed my legs together to keep it tight).

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