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just us guys

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

okay, so i go over to my friends house sometimes and one particular time has been my favorite by far! my friend had warned me that his dad had went tp this nudest convention and liked the idea of it – so he was always naked. well, we walked in his house and went into the living room and his older brother was sitting on the recliner butt naked. he was asleep and his legs were wide opened. i couldnt help but look and notice that his cock was huge! it was at least 8 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in girth! then, my friend asked me if he didnt care if my friend was naked too, and i said it was cool.

he took his clothes off and i noticed that his cock was about the same size as his dads! i wasnt comfortable being the only one clothed there so i took my clothes off too. now my cock is a little smaller than my friend’s, being 5 inches long a 1 inch in girth. my friends brother woke up and was happy to see that we were naked too. he called my friend over to him and asked for some privacy so i went into the rook across the hall and waited. i got a little nosy so i looked through the key hole in the door and saw that my friend was givin his brother head! i got a little aroused – sad to say. so i started touching myself and soon got hard. my friend only sucked him for about a minute, not even close to making him cum. his brother was kinda mad, but he let my friend come back in to the room i was in.

when my friend walked in, he saw my hard dick and didnt say anything. later that night, we both slept in his king size bed naked. i woke up at about 1 o’clock in the morning to a feeling on my back. to find out, my friend was hard and was rubbing his dick-head on my ass cheek. i kinda liked it so i fakingly sleep-rolled to face him and he kinda gasped. i didnt open my eyes so he thought i was asleep. next thing i know, he was holding my cock stroking it. i then “woke-up” and asked him wut he was doing. he said that he had always wanted to do this to me, and i said ok. we met lips awkwardly and frenched for about a minute. i then progressed down his body down to his cock where i took it a little bit in his mouth. he didnt like how far i was putting him in my mouth so he pushed my head to that it was totally swallowing his cock.

i thought i was going to choke but then got the hang of it. i got good at it so i pumped his huge and throbbing cock in and out of my mouth and i knew he liked it. i had enough of it so i sat him upright and he got a boner. so i said i wanted to take him up my ass and he said sure. so i sat on his cock and thought i was going to die! it hurt reaallly bad! but i got used to it. soon, his brother walked in and said dont worry and he started masturbating and soon shot his load all over my back. i was in heaven. I got tired of my friend so i moved to his brother. that night, i did every act of gay sex possible. after that night, we had the same events every other weekend for about a year. i enjoyed my first time very much and every time afterwards too!

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