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juicy lucy

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: friends jouse
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

one day i went over to see my girlfriend. when i knocked at the door her big brother, jerry, opened it. jenny’s not home mary, do you want to visit me. okay, i said, and went into the house. we sat in the living room for awhile exchanging small talk. jerry then said, do you want to see something in my room. sure, i said, and followed him down the hall. we entered his room and he closed the door behind us. he looked me in the eye and asked, have you ever seen a boy’s penis. No i replied. would you like to see mine, he asked. okay, show it to me. jerry dropped his pants and shorts and stood before me with his stiff penis bobbing up and down. it’s beautiful, i told him and started to undress.

i’ll show you mine, i said, and soon was standing naked before him. can i touch your tits, he asked, sure i replied, can i touch your penis. go ahead he said and began to fondle my tits. i was getting exited as my nipples started to stiffen. his hard penis felt nice in my hands and i began stroking it back and forth. that feels good he said and continued to fondle my tits. would you like to touch my pussy, jerry, i said. can i he answered. go ahead i replied. he reachd down and put his hands between my legs and his fingers began to rub my pussy lips. that feels good, i murmured. would you like to lay on my bed while we’re playing with each other, he asked. yes, that would be nict, i replied. we lay down next to each other, started kissing each others mouth and continued stroking each other. like to try something else, jerry asked. Yes, i replied, what did you have in mind. Have you ever had a guys penis in your mouth, he asked. No, i replied, but that might be fun. Lay next to me in the opposite direction he told me and we’ll have some real fun. i turned around and soon my face was next to his crotch. go ahead, put it in your mouth, he said. I opened my lips and his penis went inside. i licke all around his purple mushroom and he was groaning with pleasure. would you like me to lick your pussy, he asked, and i said yes, please do. he parted my legs and put his face into my crotch. his hands parted my legs and his tongue darted out and started licking all around my pussy lips. it felt really good and i began to moan in pleasure as i continued to suck on his penis.

suddenly jerry’s body stiffened, he let out a groan and shot spurts of white creamy stuff into my mouth. it tasted so good and i licked it off his knob and swallowed. soon jerry licking of my pussy got intense, i moaned and pushed against his face and the most wonderful feeling went through my entire body. we turned around and held each other in our arms and kissed each others mouth passionately. I could taste my juices on his lips and tongue. he said, your mouths tastes like my penis. we laughed, hugged and agreed that this was great fun. have you ever fucked a girl, i asked and he said no but i’d like to. will i do, i asked, and jerry replied you certainly would. he rolled me onto my back, pulled my legs up and parted my knees. your pussy is the sweetest and i want to put my penis into it he said. your penis is the greatest i said and i want it in me. he was hard as rock again and guided his sex muscle to my opening.

I reached down and parted my pussy lips and he began to push into me. his penis was so warm and really felt good in my pussy. after he pushed in all tha way he began moving it in and out of me, faster and faster. it felt so good any my pussy was so juicy. suddenly he stiffened, groaned and shot his stuff into me. it was warm and felt really good. suddenly my pleasure surged and i screamed in pleasure and pushed against his body. it was over and we lay there again cuddling in eacdh others arms. oh jerry, i cooed, you loved me so special. i love you. that was my first time sith a boy and i couldn’t wait to do it again. loving created the micest sensations in my body. jerry and i did it many times before he went away to college. i’ll always treasure the way he gently introduced me to sex.

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