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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Girl Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

This story isn’t about my first time but rather the first time (almost) for my then girl friend, Judy. Unlike many of the stories on this site, this one is true.

Judy and I had grown up together in a small PA town and had been boyfriend-girlfriend in 9th grade for awhile. Like many couples, we drifted apart romantically but remained good friends and didn’t connect again until college. Both of us went to school in the Midwest so she came and visited me for several party weekends.

Anyway, the night in question happened at Christmas time during our sophmore year. Both of us were home for the holidays and had gone to a party at a friend’s frat house. During the party, we both drank way too much beer and then decided to walk to her house–about 3 miles away–to be alone. This would have been a challenge at any time given our condition but I was on crutches with a broken leg and the night was freezing–probably 10 degrees or so. Our friends tried to talk us into taking a ride but we insisted we walk. Anyway, after we had walked about a mile, we both were freezing and had to pee real bad (remember the beer). We finally found a taxi to take us to her home at about 1 am. Her parents were already in bed so we had the living room to ourselves. She used the bathroom first and then me. When I returned to the living room, the lights were turned down low, romantic music was playing on the stereo, and she had started a fire in the fireplace. Hmm, I thought, seems like a seduction scene, but this was not like Judy. Well, that was exactly what she told me she had in mind. As we started necking, petting and getting hotter, I noticed the living room had totally filled up with smoke. When I jumped up to investigate, I found that she had not opened the fireplace damper. I quickly opened it and the front door to get rid of the smoke but it only seemed to keep it from getting smokier. Judy wanted to continue on and “do it”–she said she was ready to get rid of her virginity–and even took her girdle and pants off but the smoke was so bad I was convinced her parents would bust in right in the middle thinking the house was on fire. As her parents were good friends with mine, this would not have been good–in fact, I can’t even have imagined what would have happened. In the end, we decided to wait till another time.

Judy visited me in school about a month later and I was ready to finish what we started in a hotel room I had rented for us. By then, I think she had second thoughts so we never did make love. When I asked her about it, she said “she had chickened out”.

Judy, if you are reading this, I’ve always regretted not making love to you that night. It would have been special and wonderful. I’ll always remember you fondly and what we almost shared.

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