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Jose’s first call girl

Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: Eng.
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This is about the first time I ever had sex with a call girl (prostitute). I was staying at a hotel on a business trip when this happened. It started with my setting in the hotel lounge with a business partner having a drink. Out the corner of my eye, I saw this beautiful woman walk in. My poartner as me ‘How’d you like to have some of that”? I just closed my eyes and exhaled. I then looked back at her and said “That’s unbelievable”. He got up telling me “Back in a second”.

He went over to the woman and was talking to her. In a minute, he returned to me and stuck something in my shirt pocket and said “Enjoy it” and left. I looked in my pocket and saw it was a box of condoms. I thought to myself “What”?

Then, I saw the woman walking towards my table. She sat down next to me and introduced herself to me. She said “You have a very good friend, you know”? I ask “What did he talk to you about while ago”? She answered “You”. I said What about me”? She said “Anytime you’re ready. I sure am”. I looked at her with a question mark look on my face. She then said “I’m all paid for and all yours when ever you want to go to you room”. That was all she needed to say. I started getting up. She saw this and also started to rise.

We got to my room and she turned and kissed me while rubbing her hand on my hardning penis. She then walk away taking off her clothes as she walked. I too started taking off mine. We laid on the bed and that woman turned me every way but loose! She quickly had my penis deep in her mouth and then she rolled on a condom and climbed on top of me. I went into her pussy and it felt fantastic. She just laid on me and she had muscles in her pussy that felt amazing. I just laid there enjoying what I was feeling inside her pussy. Then then went to riding me and I quickly shot off my rocks. She had the best pussy I’d ever felt.

She then got off of me, removed the condom and then started sucking on my penis again. I soon recovered and was hard again. She just kept it up and I ended up cumming in her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed my cum! I’d never had a girl do this with me before.

I couldn’t go any more and she knew it. She then dressed, kissed me and left. Soon after she left, my partner knocked on my door and came in with a big smile on his face. He ask “Well, was it that good”? I answered “Man, that was the best pussy I’ve ever had”. He said “I’m glad you enjoyed it”. I said “I sure did”.

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