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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Since then I’ve thought about it several times. But I only feel guilty about it until I follow through with it and realize she must have known what she was doing and what I would do and the next time she came over we did it and it was as much her idea as mine.
But I started at the end of the story. OK. Let me back up. I lived with my grandparents when I was a teenager. And they were all the time going to some Mason function, and sometimes they would stay at them all weekend in some hotel, they’d call, and I’d tell them I was watching TV, they’d remind me to shut off the stove and that was that.
This time, one of my second cousins, or first cousin once removed, or some damned thing like that came by. She told me her car had broke down nearby and she needed to call home. OK, she called home. She told her folks where she was and that we’d bring her home the next day. She was good looking, and I had noticed, but she was my cousin. I mean damn, incest is a crime aint it? Since we were almost exactly the same age, and had grown up together, we had talked about everything under the sun for years and were so comfortable together things were just nice. We kidded around and made fun of each other and got a drink from grandpa’s cabinet and watched an almost dirty movie on the cable. It was the movie that got us talking about sex, and after I admitted to her I was a virgin, she said she really wasn’t, but she had never done it since she was raped when she was a little girl. I said that was different and she really was since she didn’t know what she was doing back then. The couple in the movie were feeling all over each other, and it was real hot. And, naturally, we felt all over each other too. She almost screamed when I slid a finger up her ass. We ended up sixty nining each other, and the phone rang. It was my grandmother checking on me. They wouldn’t be home untill Saturday afternoon because the grand Mason was making a morning speech. While I was telling grandma I had microwaved my TV dinner, my cousin was sucking on me and fingering my asshole. Grandma said I sounded tired and had better get to bed. She had hung up and I was still holding the phone, shooting my stuff into her mouth as she smiled at me. I repaid her by sucking on her pussy and back end until she screamed at me and her thighs banged into my ears. Later, we fooled around some more, and I got to fuck her, but I had to pull out because we didn’t have any rubbers. She giggled, I guess she was a little drunker than me, and promised she would steal some from her brother the next time my grandparents were out of town. I told her that did us a lot of good now, I wanted to cum in her in the worst way right now. On the movie, they had did it anally, so we tried it with some hand lotion. It was good and she said it really didn’t hurt, just a little uncomfortable until she got into it. When I came I shoved it all the way in her and squeezed the front of her hips until I left a bruise. After while, she passed out. I was still wide awake. I licked her all over and fucked her ass again, laying behind her, pumping slowly, watching the all night news. She woke up a little and moaned as I drilled her. When I got done, my cock was so raw I screamed in the shower in the morning when she soaped me down. But she kissed it and made it all better. A month later, she forgot the rubbers again. Oh yeah, her car was fine, parked across the street in the laundermat lot.

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