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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: High School Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well, it was the ’99-’00 football season, and i, not being a football player, simply went to the games to be with friends, and watch the cheerleaders. The 411 on me is that i am 6’3 185, with a descent build… no chick magnet there. so anyway, there were always wild parties after the games, and i usually just “made an aperance” (The city that i live in has a midnight curfiew for 16-year olds… which my parents strictly suported) And with the luck that i was born with, it turned out that my parents and older sister (who attends Texas A&M University.. WHOOP!!) had left about 4 that friday to visit my sister, and go to the aggie game on saturday. anyway… so i have a wild time at homecoming, and went to the pary, and lived it up. (you are probably thinking… ok, where is the sex… i have told this story many a times and have the background that i must include) so, durring the course of this party, Miss Jennifer Maddox, Varstiy Cheerleader, proceded to come up and talk to me. the 411 on Jen is…. well Varsity Cheerleader… they are like Hooters Girls… all the same, all dead sexy. she made some comment about the fact that it was past midnight and that i should be running on home. me being the smartss that i am, replied, “sure, Your house or mine?” It was her facial expression to this comment that still to this day.. for lack of a better term, Haunts me. she prcedes to grab her purse and hugs a few friends goodbye, and walks over to me. (more background) not to bragg at all, but compared to most in my school, my parents do very well for themselves, so i have the benefit of a new car every year, and a large estate. so we head out to my 2-week old GMC Sierra Z-71, she mentions how she lkes my truck blah blah… me in my stunned state reask the question… your house or mine. she casualy replies.. yours. so we go to my house. as we go in the gate, and down the drive, she kinda gasps, she had no idea that i lived in “that” house. she notices the lack of cars in the 5-car garage, and i simply reply, “my parents are in A&M till about 5 tomorow.” the haunting look we go in my house, and she marvels at every little thing, the library, the stairs, the chandalear, especialy the tv room… all of it. here is where it gets interesting, for those of you who have seen American Pie.. the scene where the girl pops out with… “So, are we gonna screw soon? cause i’m getting kinda ancie” this is not that great for you… but those were nearly her words.. “so, here i am, were do you wanna do this?”


i am sitting here with a gargeous varsity cheerleader wanting to have sex with me.. damn. we go up to my room, and i begin by a gentlemanly kiss on the hand, folowed by a passionate kiss on the lips. i slowly lift her shirt, and evidently i wasn’t moving fast enough for her, she is naked in 3 seconds flat, and begins ripping (that is right, ripping) my clothes off. after she has me naked, she throws me on my back, and strattles my barely hard cock (barely hard due to the lack of the passing of time at the point.. don’t worry, he woke up pretty fast) and slowly inserts me in her hot tight pussy. one inserted, she leaned forward letting her gorgeous tits rub on my chest as the hard pounds me for nearly 20 minutes. i shot in her so hard she squealed in delight.

after we were done, she confesed that she had been interested in me for several months, and had been watching me make my 1145 aperance, then leave to avoid the wrath of the rents, only hoping for an oportunity to talk to me.

this is where the story should end, but sorowfully, it doesn’t. It turned out that about 9 weeks later, Jennifer found out that she was pregnant. she confided in her best friend who in turn relayed the info to her cheerleading coach, who in turn kicked her off the squad. this was more than she could take. when i heard the news, i called her to help her out (After all, i was responsible) she informed me that she was being kicked out of her house, and that she was going to go life with her aunt and uncle, and that her life was ruined. she continually tald me that it wasn’t my fault, but to this day i feel guilty. That night, Jennifer, faced with the humiliation caused by ejection from cheerleading, and being kicked out of her house, took her car, and ran it into a telephone pole on the road infront of my school at 100+ MPH. she had sat in the center seat of her car so that neither the driver or passenger air bag could save her, was killed instantly, she was murdered by those who wouldn’t see past her mistake.

I love you Jennifer Haley Maddox, and may God be with you, till we meet again.

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