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john & lisa

Age when it happend: 49
Where it happened: motel
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

John and Lisa have been married for over twenty five years and we both always had a great sexual appetite with each other, but I still thought that she was hot after all these years, and I was never tired of giving her a good Fuck. Lately when I would slide a couple of fingers or almost my entire hand into her huge Pussy she would ask me if she could suck my Cock at the same time. I’d get on my knees up near her head and let her suck me. I started to think about another guy Fucking my WIife while she gave me oral. The thought crossed my mind that Lisa had this fantasy as well as she really got wet when we would do this. She would spread her legs and Fuck the Shit out of my fingers and suck my Cock like a little whore. Lisa was somewhat conservative about sex when I first met her thirty years ago but that changed twenty nine years ago one year after I met her so I always figured that I must be dreaming about getting into crazy sex scenes with others.

One day I asked her if she wanted me to set something up with a young well endowed stud to meet with us at a motel on long island one night to have sex. She admitted that she not only wanted to, but she had a an idea on what type of guy she wanted me to find for her. We decided to advertise in Craigs List by placing ads and see if we found what she was looking for. Well guess what we did. We placed ads all over Craigs List. We had a lot of responses to our ad and ended up setting up a meeting with a young stud named Steven for a Saturday night.

On Saturday night a young Stud Steven in his 20’s arrived at the motel to meet with me and my wife Lisa. We invited him in. Lisa was wearing a sexy outfit with a pair of high heels that was just asking for him to climb aboard and Fuck her. We told him to sit on the bed and get comfortable. As we sat on the bed we started to talk and have a few drinks. He was in his early twenties and had quite an athletic build. After a while Lisa and I started making out. I could see that Steven was interested and did not seem uncomfortable at all. Lisa started rubbing my Cock through my pants and I could see Steven shift on the bed to get a better view, but he did not take his eyes off of us for one minute. I had wondered if a guy almost thirty years younger than us would be not be nervous in Fucking my wife with me present and helping please Lisa only too, but all my doubts faded away as he sat there looking at us starting to get off with each other. We have done this in the past but never with someone so young, but he was a mature young. Suddenly Lisa had my Cock out of my pants and was sucking as if her life depended on it. Wow it was an Amazing site to see my wife get all sexed up like if it was thirty years ago and we just met each other on our first date. She was always a bit of a Slut but she was going some place that we haven’t been to in a while. It was like taking Extacy without taking Extacy.

“Steven, would you like to Cum closer and get a little of this?” Lisa said softly as she wiped a little pre-Cum from the corner of her mouth.

Steven could only nod his head and we all got naked in the bed. I took Lisa’s lingerie off which revealed her totally shaven swollen Pussy which was dripping already with her sex juices. She always shaved her Pussy for me. Her ass was still beautiful with the juices running down the crack of her Ass. Her Pussy was even larger now than it has ever been because of the excitement of being with someone new. Her pussy his Huge and always pouting with swollen lips. I ripped her lingerie top off, releasing her lovely 36c (.)(.) Tits. I kissed Lisa and then she turned her attention to Steven as he stood there playing with his enormous Cock just getting ready to join in. Lisa quickly took his Cock into her mouth. Steven looked stunned as my wife began to suck him off. I felt the same way watching her give head to another man even though like I said earlier we have had the luxury of playing with others in the past. Steven’s body was very muscular. I noticed that his hard Cock was about eight inches long and very thick. He had a lot of inches on me but I really didn’t care that I was much smaller because the reason for doing this with another guy was because I needed someone new, young, built, and very well endowed. Lisa’s Lips slid hungrily up and down on his shaft, which glisened from pre-Cum.
Lisa stopped sucking for a moment and muttered, “Fuck me John, Fuck me.”

Lisa spread her legs starring at Steven’s huge thick Cock as I slid my average size Cock into her dripping wet Pussy. I touched her Cunt and found it already soaking wet and super hot. My cock slid right into her. Steven came to the side of the bed and put his cock in her face. She kissed the head of his dick and started to suck it once more. I could not believe this was happening. We were grinding our genitals together like mad.

All of a sudden I heard a slurp as Lisa took her mouth off of Steven’s cock. “Steven, I want you to Fuck me. Fuck me like a Whore, like the Fucking submisive Slut I am.”
Steven looked at me and I gave him a nod but asked him to put on a condom. We changed positions and my wife started sucking my Cock as I watched Steven rub his Cock on Lisa’s Cunt and then gave her its entirety. She stopped blowing me and gasped. She’d never had a Cock that big in her before.

“Oh God, oh Fuck!” she wimpered.
I watched as that young stud pounded my wife’s Pussy. His slick cock sliding into her beautiful pussy lips made me so hot. In and Out, Slow and Fast, Soft and Hard went Steven’s Cock in my wife’s Pussy. Lisa asked him to Fuck her in the Ass something that I was not into. Again Steven looked up at me and I gave him the nod that it was okay to do what she wanted so he did. As I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair Steven pounded her Ass causing Lisa to have multiple orgasams and uncontrolable shaking of her entire body. I couldn’t take it any longer and shot my load all over myself with out even trying to. That was the first time I exploded without myself or anyone else helping me to Cum. I was very very excited. Lisa sucked my Cock so she can get all the Cum that was on my Cock and legs. She swallowed everything she could get from me and cleaned me off good. Steven was still inside her Ass pounding away
“Do you like my Ass Steven?” Lisa asked.
“Oh yeah, I’ve never had an Ass like this before.” he said as he Fucked away.
“Those little bitches don’t know how to Fuck like this, do they Steven? “Lisa said almost vengefully.
With that Steven groaned,”I’m going to Cum. Do you want me to pull out?”
“No,no, you have a condom on but pull out of my Ass and put it in my wet Pussy so I can feel you fill me with your seed you young stud. Cum in my Pussy.” my wife pleaded.

Matt followed her instructions and blew his thick load into her Pussy still wearing the condom but it swelled like a balloon with so much cum that I was surprised it didn’t burst. He laid on top of her and kissed her passionately as he went soft inside of my wife. It was a beautiful sight, his hard young body intertwined with my wife’s soft white form, another man laying in bed with my wife as I watched.

They laid there for a while before John said to Steven that he better get going.Lisa asked if she could give him head once more. I agreed without hesitation and told Steven it was okay and this time with no condom cause she wanted to swallow all of him. I watched as she sucked him off. Steven came and Lisa swallowed every drop.

We are now looking to meet up again with someone else to have another sexual fun filled evening of fun one Saturday night in June and possibly July too. If you think you might be interested please get in touch with us with a reply sharing your stats and a pic. We are hoping to hear from all of you real soon.

John & Lisa

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