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Age when it happend: 7
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

So…….My neibor and i always were looking around eachothers body wondering what each part did. So i asked what those holes by her butt was and she said “Thats where I pee”. (btw, we were naked) and she asked what the stick by my butt was and I said “thats where I pee….”She said that they looked like my “stick” was meant to go in her “holes” so I put my penis in a said “ooo… this feels really nice and warm. ” she said the same. so that I asked now what. And she said she saw her parents doing the same thing the other night and she said she would get down like a dog and I had to put my stick in her hole and rock back and forth… So i did. than she said her dad liked and pretended to eat her boobies. So I did and she said that something came out of her dad’s stick, we thought it was pee so i peed in her hole and she LOVED IT. WE DID THAT FOR AN HOUR THEN WE STARTED EATING EACHOTHER OFF AND STUFF. IT WAS GREAT…. and last night both our parents were out of town so we pulled an all nighter. Vaginal sex for an hour, than anal, than oral and then titty fuck.. I slept with my penis in her vagina. IT WAS GREAT.. Wish i could do it again

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