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Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Me and my girl was at my house in my room and we were fooling around. I had told her i wasn’t a virgin and things were getting serious. I could feel my 7¹/² dick getting rock solid. i had never been in the presence of a girl as sweet and beautiful as her .. and everything just seemed perfect, i really wanted to make her feel special and treat her passionately, i didnt want to screw this up in anyway, we both had our eyes locked onto each other and just the feeling of her soft lips caressing mine drove me into wanting her with a feeling of lust i had never felt before, i truely felt love in my heart for this girl and i knew she was the sweet angel who was going to be my first true love, i looked into her eyes and i knew she wanted me too, her hands moving on my body sent a feeling of pleasure through out me. i just gazed into her beautiful deep brown eyes while my lips and tongue got curious with more and more confidence, i could feel my dick as hard as it can get pushing against my pants, we stood up, locked in each others arms, our lips never apart for more than two s, stumbling backwards to the bed are hands left no part of our bodys unsearched, standing there in the darkness of my bedroom i knew what was about to happen, i became so nervous and all these thoughts were racing through my head, with one final kiss on my lips she looked up into my eyes with a reassuring smile placed her perfect hand on my chest and pushed onto the bed, within s she was right back on top of me, our bodys even closer than before, i could feel her soft warm skin against mine, it made me feel so good inside, i just had to smile, this girl was truely beautiful in every way and i just couldnt believe i was blessed enough to make love to a girl as special as her, i didnt want anything to go wrong, i just wanted to make her feel as special as she made me feel, so there in my bed a couple weeks before my birthday i knew she was the right girl, a sweet girl who would make my first time feel the way i wanted, im not going to go any further in what we did, ill just say she treated me better than anyone ever has in my life and put a smile on my face forever, she knows how special she really is to me and how special she makes me feel, so baby … thanks for being my first true love, and i hope throughout my life until i pass … that your my last, i love you always and forever and ill never forget that moment that night when i made love for the first time with the girl i had been searching for since the last day of the grade. I love you N-M-D … with all my heart and caring love … Thank You Baby for being my love!

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