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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: school
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

i was at school at a normal school day, when a huge blizzard
hit. by the end of school a huuge blizzard hit and we got 3
ft. of snow. my dad called, and told me he wasn’t coming to
pick me up, so that i should stay overnight. i agreed
because there were a few other people that were stating too.
and some teachers, unfortunately. there was this really hot
girl named jess with HUGE tits that i wanted to do really bad. that
night i couldn’t sleep, so i walked along the halls. lucky for me, she was
there too. we talked about some stuff, and got to talking
about who i liked. eventually she weasiled it out of me:
it was her. she replied that she had the same feelings for me.
at that moment, we embraced in the longest french kiss i’ve
ever had. ii started to feel her tits, but she stopped me, she led me into the girls
bathroom. she started striping for me, and i did the same.
by the time we were totally naked, my cock had to be 9 inches,
wway bigger than ever before. she leaned down and started to
lick and suck my cock like you wouldn’t imagine. it was great.
when i was about to erupt, i pulled out and let it go all over her big
double d tits. she loved it, and i leaned her over and spread her legs and
out them over my shoulders. i started to lap her sweet juices untill she came all over my face.
then i want for home plate. i leaned over, and slowly
penetrated her. she moaned with exitement untill i was all the way in.
there was no barrier, so i guess it wasn’t her first time.
i heaved in and out of her untill we both climaxed at the same time.
we lay there panting for a few minutes. then i went back to the room i was supposed to sleep in.

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