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Where it happened: Cape May
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was twenty years old and still a virgin. It was the summer between my sophmore and junior year at Princeton. During the summer I lived with my brother, Doug, who was s older than me in a summer resort area. He had started college late and still had a year before he graduated. We had grown up in the area and since I started college, we had had to find lodging for ourselves as our parents had sold the family home and moved to Florida.

My brother had a good friend, Ted Nugent, who lived in town with his wife. Both of them were in their mid-twenties, had married young and were busy in their careers. Ted worked as a police dispatcher, with night hours from midnight to 8 AM. Cherry, his wife, worked as a legal secretary. They had a home with extra bedrooms. After some discussion my brother and I were invited to spend the summer, living in the lower level of this raised ranch type home.

We proceeded with our summer jobs. I was a short order cook, working in the same job I had had fors. I worked 6 days per week, starting about 11 AM, which seemed like a good time to rise for a college student. I completed my day about 8 PM, returning home and looking for excitement. Doug worked as a part time cop, directing traffic and at times working extra shifts that kept him out at various hours. Our host Ted would sleep all day them leave for his police dispatch job around 11 PM.

One of our favorite pastimes was riding dirt bikes through the sandy hills. Doug and Ted would go out for hours especially in the PM to ride. This would leave me with Cherry. I enjoyed being left with Cherry. She was s older than me, but seemed even wiser in worldly and sexual experience. She had a smooth complextion, fine dark brown hair that fell to her shoulders and an impish smile that came quickly. She was part Portageese and part French, a wonderful combination that was very different than any women I had dated.

She began to resent our presence after a few weeks as Ted and Cherry’s work schedule conflicted and our time at their home interferred with their intimate time together. One night while Ted and Doug were off on their dirt bikes, I went for a walk with Cherry along some short roads to a tidal basin. It was very dark and romantic even though I was with a married woman whose husband was out riding with my brother. We talked about my experiences in college and in particular my dating experience. I expressed a certain amount of bravado, portraying my experiences in a positive light, even though I had not been successful at all becoming intimate with any of my previous dates. Cherry was very interested and empathetic, a great listener. I was captivated by her. She seemed approachable and was expressing a need for attention.

While watching the moon rise over the tidal basin, I put my arm around her as she said she was cold. She snuggled in toward me, arousing me and tempting me to pursue her. I turned to kiss her and was amazed by her passion. She returned my kisses with great gusto, teaching me things to do with my mouth that I had never known were possible. We rolled in the sand for a while, then decided to return to the house as the bike riders would soon return.

We got back and then said good bye to Ted as he put on his uniform and went to work. Doug said good night and went to bed. I went to bed and couldn’t sleep, thinking about my experience with Cherry earlier that evening. Here I was, horny as hell, lying in bed with the object of my fantasy in bed alone one floor above me. After much deliberation and manual manipulation, I decided to go for it. I quietly walked in my pajamas upstairs. I did not want to wake up Doug and I knew that Cherry and Ted had a large German Shepard that shared the house with them and who slept in Ted and Cherry’s room. I walked to Cherry’s door and knocked. She answered, surprised I was there but obviously glad to see me. She said to enter and shut the door.

The German Shepard came over and gave me a brief sniff, then went back to his dreams. Cherry invited me into her double bed as we continued with our earlier encounter. As we were lying naked in the bed, she asked me if I had done this before. Being nervous about my ability to perform I told her I was still a virgin. She was thrilled to say the least. Taking my virginity was going to be a pleasure for her and she proceeded to take charge. I was exposed to her charms for about two hours, enjoying her ministrations on my body and trying to provide for her some level of satisfaction. I think we succeded as she asked me to visit her offen when Ted was not at work.

I had a lot of fun with Cherry that summer. I went back to College with a better sense of what it takes to please a woman and was no longer a virgin.

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