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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My older sister had met this neat guy Jim when I was with her and after visiting a while he asked her for a date. Also she told him if he came over Thursday afternoon. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and kept flirting with him whenever Wanda wasn’t looking. He seemed to be looking at me also. I was home alone Wednesday afternoon as our parents both worked and Wanda was working at her part time job. Jim came to the door getting the day wrong. I invited him in and told him it was one day early. He did not seem in a hurry to leave and I invited him to have a beer. I said my dad did not care and wouldn’t even notice. I told him I really like beer and could we share; he said yes. We sat near each other on the couch and sipped our beer. I did my most serioius flirting with him and he responded in kind. I have a full mouth with puffy lips a button nose and short wacey brown hair. About average build and brests for my age and long legs. I asked him if he liked my legs in my shorts and he said yes. I then asked if he would teach me to dance and he agreed to. I put on a few slow records and we started dancing. I pressed up to his body and he held me close and danced slowly. I was liking it very much and wanted more. When the music ran out I held on and asked him to kiss me which he did. Teach me how to kiss Jim I said and he took me back to the couch and gave me a great teaching lesson. When I showed him how much knew he said I was a good kisser already. I was starting to get really hot. I slid astradle of his lap and French kissed him like crazy. Jim returned the favor and I could feel the rising bulge in his jeans. I pressed against it and moved back and fourth. Teach me everything Jim I pleaded but he said I was to young for him. Lets just find out I said I won’t tell anyone. I took off my blouse and had no bra on. I asked him to feel my tits if they were not to small and he said he did not like big tits. He held them in his hands gently and rubbed the nipples. Jim said; do you want me to suck them and I said please do. I was getting hotter and hotter when he started feeling me up and rubbing my crotch. I took off his shirt and kissed his chest and nipples; he liked that too. I took my shorts and panties off in one swoop and was totally hot and naked. Finger me I said and he worked his finger majic in my steaming pussy. I want to fuck you I said real bad please. Your too young and I am to big you he said, but I told him I wanted him to try. I don’t have my hyman it got ruptered in an accident, but I am a virgin. He said he did no want to hurt me and tell him if he came close. He took off his jeans and shorts and I saw his hard six inch cock. He asked me to kiss and lick it and I gave it a good working over with mouth and tounge. Then he layed me out spread my legs and licked my hot pussy until I came. Do you still want to fuck he said? Yes Yes Yes I replyed. We need somelubricating jelly he said and I went to the table by my folks bed and got a tube. I greased his hard cock and also my hot pussy. He leaned back and told me to get on top. I started it in and worked and worked slowly until it all was in and loosened up. It felt like heaven. I thrust up and down on Jim’s cock until we both came. Then He got on top and carefully fucked me off again. I said I was still hot and wanted more; but Jim had gone soft. He took me into the bathroom turned on warm water and told me to wash and stroke him. He kissed me and fingered my cunt. He got real hard again and we went back on the couch. He leaned back and told me to sit on his lap with my back to him and insert his dick in me. He fondeled my tits and I twisted around and kissed him. Pumping up and down on that hard member. I kept up until I came twice more. What a wonderful way to loose my virginity and whenever we can get together Jim and I hve a great fucking time.

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