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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: at his house, on the couch
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

soo well i had this boyfriend, we had been goin out for a month, i was 16 and he was19, and he was always askin me to do it… so well it was his b-day and his parents were away.. and he was lookin at me with his big puppy eyes… and he wanted more than a blow job this time… so i said yes. we undressed each other and he put a condom on, then i got on him and he had his hands on my hips.. then i felt his dick inside me.. dammit it hurt soo bad i thought i was goin to die!!! but we only fucked like 2 min cuz his parents got back home so we stopped and put back our clothes on real quick… i didnt cum and he didnt either… so it really sucked… it only gave me a lot of pain.. when i got home i realized my pussy was bleeding… we tried to do it again like a week after but like his dick is soo big it just hurt too much!!!!! so i told him to stop. we never did it again and anyways he was always askin me for sex all the time so i dumped him after 5 months… now i know he really loved me cuz he cried for hours…. but anyways ive got myself a new bf, he is soo nice he never asks me for sex he just say its up to me if i wanna do sumthin then i do it, if i dont want to its ok i just dont do it, so i only have sex when i want to… hehe , hes soo sweet he calls me jewel =^-^= we didnt make love together yet but when we’ll do it i know it’ll be special

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