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jessica banged

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: public toilets
Langauge: Engish
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

ok here we go back when i was 19 i was on my way home from one of my close friends place, i was walking through a park, and there was some guys playing tennis, as i was walking past they were sort of checking me out, i didnt think much of it and as i was walking past the courts i felt i needed to go for a pee in the public toilets there, so i did what i had to do and i was walking out and 4 guys stopped me and dragged me into the boys toilets and started grabbing my ass cheeks my boobs and rubbing my clit, i have to admit i was enjoying the rubbing and the grabbing of my ass as tits. and so they decided they wanted to strip me down naked, i couldnt do much even if i tried to scream, and they were all around there 30`s i guess, so i let the play with me becoz i knew at the time if i tried to stop them they would have been rough and hit me or hurt me somehow. by this time i had both my hands full a cock in each hand and a cock entering my mouth, and another cock being rubbed up against my clit and ass, i was wet and horny and all of a sudden i felt a cock enter my ass, it hurt bad, i cock feel a warm cock enter deep in my ass, and the cock n my mouth went straight up my wet pussy. i was being fucked in all holes and sucking 2 cocks in turns, one by one, i loved it, this isnt my first sexual encounter, b4 this i had sex with my boyfriend and thats another story ill be adding. any ways the guy fucking my ass came deep in my ass and pulled out,and one of the other guys shoved his erect cock in my ass, and not long after that the other one fucking my pussy pulled out and shoved his cock in my mouth and deep throated me and came down my thought and i was about to gag on his hot hard cock, and once he came he left with the other guy after they cleaned up, and i was left with the other 2 guys still fucking my ass and pussy deep, i could have sworn there cocks must have been at lest 7 to 8.5 inches long and think also. by this time my throat, ass and pussy was throbbing. i was also starting to get cold but the bodys was up hard against me so i was warm, and they both pulled out and came on my tits and i sucked there hard cocks one at a time, they fucked my throat deep inside i nearly choked on the big cocks, my mouth and throat was already sore from the first guy. i was wet, sore and still horny and left alone in the mens toilets. so i put my clothes on and was leaving and they were waiting for me and they told me they would give me a lift home, and i jumped in with them and they dropped off 2 of the guys down the street, and took me to one of there place, and walked in to there house with them and one of them asked me if i wanted to take a shower, i said yes please, so i went into take a shower and they followed me and they had other plans, we fucked in the shower standing up, but my legs were wrapped around the guy pumping my pussy, and the other guys was fucking my ass again. they just kept fucking me harder and harder,they both came all over my face and in and out of my mouth also squeezing and feeling my tits, and ass cheeks, i was so red and sore by this time i passed out in the bathroom after they came all over me, then when i woke up it seemed like a few hours later. i was in bed naked with steve, the owner of the house, i guess the other guy left too. once i woke up he was ready for another round. he shoved is soft cock in to my mouth and i sucked him till his cock grew in my mouth, he then came in my mouth and tit fucked me, and then he slid on a condom, and fucked me doggy style, he pumped me as hard as he could he would not stop, i thought id never get home. he pulled out and enter my ass, i asked him to stop and he would not stop he held my head down hard onto the bed and he kept fucking me, i was in tears, i was in so much pain, he pulled out and got me up and pushed me hard against the wall on my back and fucked me and lift my legs and wrapped them around his waist and kept fucking me. he came at last and then he put me down on the bed and slid his cock in my mouth and told me to swallow the load and i did, it was warm and tasted great, and he pushed his hard cock in my mouth, i choked on his cock and cum came rushing out the sides of my mouth with his cock still deep in my mouth. then he pulled out and said take a shower and go home. i was releived, i took my shower and left. i never saw them again till a couple weeks later i went to the tennis courts and watched them play tennis, we had group sex for anouther 3 years after that. now im married with an older man, im 27 and he is 42.

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