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Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

well me and jess had been dating for about 5 months or so and our reationship was great would would mess around in her basement when her parents were up stairs.
we go to the same high school and i lived close to it
so we would go home at lunch and mess around and one time before lunch was over we were on my couch i was fingering her and she sucked my cock lunch was almost over but we were real horny so we decided to skip next period and we went up to my room laid on my bed and we undressed and got tottally naked and felt each others bodies then i asked her if she wanted to fuck she said YEAH! so i slid my cock with her guidance into her tight pussy that was so wet i got in and she cried a bit and we waited for the pain to pass could she said it hurt alot but i loved the feeling she did to excet for the pain part of it
anyways we started to get into a good rythem and my bed was shaking she was moaning louder and louder until she cummed twice and then i cummed and pulled out of her
and then we had sex again but on the floor and i put her legs up around my neck and shoulders which made it penetrate real! deep! into her and she would moan and i pumped into her until we cummed again

we have sex everywhere and anywhere we can now
weve even done it when she was babysitting her sister
and her sister was upstairs sleeping we did it all over the place that night! on the ground from behind

i got my license a few months ago and i own a Van
and the middle seat is gone its lowered with air shocks and has subs weve had some of our best sex in that van now i did her from behind once and reached around her to rube her clit and she had a multiple orgasm and it dripped on the carpet floor of the van
i ate her out once and she loved it i liked it kind of except for the smell so if you have plugged nose and she wants you to eat out go for it cause it taste like butterscotch sort of
anyways got to go fuck her now

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