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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Friends' House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well, here’s the story of my first time.

My friend Jess and I used to be real close. We used to hang out with each other loads, and y’know, just generally be great friends. So, our parents used to trust us as they thought nothing would happen, and one night they left us together in her house.
Maybe you can imagine what happened. We were just chilling out, watching some movies, and somehow the we got onto a channel with a really sexy movie on it. Well, this seemed to get both of us horny, and I suddenly realised that I was sexually attracted to Jess.
We managed to get talking on our sexual fantasies somehow, and after a while we were both very hot indeed. I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs, she just smiled and kissed me long and tenderly. Then she took my hand and led me into her room. As soon as the door closed we were kissing and fumbling each other. One of my hands was carressing her breasts, and my other was in her crotch. She had both her hands in the bulge in my jeans. I was a little nervous about this to say the least, but she made the next move by unbuckling my belt and slipping my jeans off. I reached inside her crop top, and pulled it off, revealing her bare chest. She seemed to want me to suck her tits, pushing my head down into the right position to suck on her nipples. We started to make out again, and I undid her skirt, and slipped it off. She had black pantyhose underneath, and I rubbed my hands up these, before slipping them off onto the floor. By this time she had carefully removed every piece of my clothing, and as I was taking her panties off with my teeth, she was gently masturbating my cock, as if I needed help to be hard. (I ain’t complaining though). It was at this point we really got to business. For a bit we just explored each other, placing our hands in every place on each other’s bodies. When I reached her pussy, I couldn’t resist the temptation of maneouvering my fingers inside and feeling her clit. She let out a little soft moan, and put her fingers in my ass. When I pulled my fingers out, she grabbed my cock, and put it over her pussy. I started to rub her pubic area with my end, and she was moaning for me to put it inside her (this wasn’t easy, I was so hard it hurt). Then I thrust my cock deep into her pussy. Her whole body seemed to start moving with me. For about 10 minutes we continued the thrusting, at which point we both reached our climax, and came hard and long into each other. Her whole body tensed for a second, then slipped back into a sort of calm. Then we just lay there in each other’s arms. We still are lovers, and have a secret relationship. Now we’re starting to know what the phrase “lovemaking” means.

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