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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: front seat of car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was home for the Thanksgiving holiday during my first year in college. I went to a dance at a local junior college and met this girl who was a junior in high school in one of the towns nearby. We danced, and I guese she was very attracted to an ‘older’ guy. During a slow dance she pushed her very full breasts with nice stiff nipples into me. I was getting excited and she casually brushed her hip into my hard cock which excited me even more! I wasn’t sure whether it was on purpose so I was uncertain on how to handle this. I was popular in High school and was a heavy duty athlete, but I was shy and never got beyond the heavy petting stage on dates.This girl seemed to be willing to get very personal, and I was so turned on that my dick pretty much told what to do. Since she had come to the dance with friends I aked her if she wanted me to take her home. It was still early and she suggested that we drive down by the ocean and injoy the warm night. We parked in a secluded part of the beach parking lot, and began kissing. Soon she took my hands and put then on her breasts. I didn’t need any further signal and when she put her hand on my lap over my swollen cock, I thought I was in heaven ( she was pleasant looking and a little plump, but had great boobs. We frenched kissed and let our hands explore each other over our cloths. She rolled over onto my right leg and strattled it and began humping my leg. I brought my hands up under her skirt and felt for the top of her panties.I managed to pull them down, although it was difficult in the front seat to get enough room to remove them completly. Meanwhile she had unbelted and unzipped my pants and found my cock inside my briefs. When she touched it I thought I was going to cum. She held it tightly and began to pump it and rolled back into her seat. I climbed over shifter and with my cock sticking out in front of me, began to hump her her. She managed to pull one leg out of her panties and spread her legs. She next grabed my cock and put it down just to her wet pussy. I didn’t have to figure out what do do next…it was instinctive. She obviously was experienced because she moved so that I went all the way in very quickly. There was no barrier and I needed to fuck so badly that I didn’t even wonder or think about a rubber. She held me tight and urged me to fuck her hard. It took me almost no time to cum…It seemed like I pumped her full with a gallon of cum. After I pulled out of her it streamed out so that it made a very large wet spot on the seat….of my parents car! I never did see her again. I was a bit embarrased becuase she was younger and seemed to be a great deaL more experienced than me. I went back to school right away and often jerked off thinking about that night. Still do!

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