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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: In the woods...
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Growing up in a small village was really boring. I liked the girls of school very well, but was too shy to ever date them.
One night I was camping out in the woods behind my family house with my best friend and my sheep dog. We told scary stories and wrestled around for hours until late. It was hot and both of us were wearing gym shorts with no shirts on and I noticed that while we were wrestling, he stuck straight out of the leg of his shorts a couple times. He got embarrassed and put it back in. When we were tired and just sitting there talking, I noticed the soft skin of his balls showing. I felt really weird but couldn’t stop looking. My own dick got hard and I tried to hide it by crossing my arms over myself and changing positions, but he didn’t seem to notice. After a while we crawled into the blankets and I just lay there and couldn’t sleep. The whole evening made me feel very strange. I turned over so I could watch him sleep for a while, but his eyes were open and he was watching me. Without a word, we both brought our faces together and kissed. I had never kissed before, but it felt great. I told him that I liked it and we kissed again. After a while we were hugging and kissing with longer kisses and using our tongues. It really felt good to have his warm dry muscular body against mine.
After about an hour, we just lay in each other’s arms looking into each other’s eyes. I had never felt so close to anyone before. I asked him how he felt and he just smiled and kissed me on the lips lightly. I wanted to let my whole body touch his whole body but I couldn’t tell him. I just snuggled up close and ran my hands all over his chest and then his legs. He said, “Just a minute” and then reached down and pulled off his shorts. I was in heaven. I asked him “Can I take mine off too?” And he hugged me and kissed me again. I felt his penis against my stomach and really liked it. When he let go, I reached down and pulled off my own shorts. Then I hugged him and kissed him again. I had never felt so wonderful in my life.
It felt so good and warm to have every part of me touch his skin. His hand slid down my side and onto my leg as he looked in my eyes. Slowly he brought his hand back up my leg until he brushed against my penis. I almost choked with sensation. I put my hand on his chest and let it slid down his flat hairless stomach down to his penis and just laid my hand on it. We kissed some more. Soon we were rubbing and kissing each other. He went under the covers and started to kiss my leg. Then he kissed my balls. I rested my hand on his head and he kissed my penis clear up to the tip and just rubbed his lips acrossed it. I had never felt this way before. He came back up and kissed my mouth and I wanted to kiss him like he had kissed me. It seemed so natural. I kissed his legg and his balls and his penis and slid my lips up and around his tip also. I got this curiosity to know what his skin tasted like so I licked the side of his penis. He groaned and I thought I had done something wrong. But he gently pushed my head back down until his penis touched my face again. It was so exciting that I licked it again and then put it in my mouth. It felt really good. AFter a little bit, he did the same for me and we decided to try it at the same time. It was a natural. I had never felt anything so wonderful as a penis in my mouth and his soft balls laying on my nose cheek and on my eyelid. They were soft and heavy and smelled like soap. We stayed like this until both of us reached our peak and we both tasted the stuff in our mouths. It was kind of like swallowing a lugey, but I was so happy that I didn’t mind. We woke up in each other’s arms before sunlight and just kissed and stroked each other for almost an hour. We never wanted to leave. We spent every weekend that Summer out in the woods and each time was as gentle as the first. This Fall we are accepted into the same college and our parents thought that we should be roommates…we agreed (for different reasons.) I am so excited about college.

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