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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

First of all here’s my story, for the first 14 and a half
years of my life I had never i had a girlfriend, and with
good reason. I was short, fat, I only bathed once a week
and I never brushed my hair, I was shy and never even held
hands with a girl.
The summer before I went to highschool I made some
changes. I got thin, built some muscles, hit a growth spirt,
got some confidence and did something about my nothin social
life. I started talking to this girl named Jenna who soon
became my first girlfirend. Our relationship started slowly,
we had good conversation, we were constantly holding hands
and stuff like that. Finally after we were going out for
about a week when I got up the nerve to kiss her. It was
cool, it was after marching band practice and we were in
the hall of our school, she said she had to go cus her
mother arrived. She hugged me and said good bye but I
grabbed her hand, pulled her too me and kissed her,it lasted
for about five seconds and I loved it. She left and I
couldn’t wait for our next kiss.
The next night she came over to my house for the first
time. No one was home and we went up to my room.
Before I go on, let me describe Jenna:
She’s up 5’4, 110, very thin, good sized chest, especially
for a girl her size (don’t you just love how big tits look
on a really thin girl) she had long brown hair and I wouldnt
call her hot, she was very very cute. Anyway. . .
We sat on my bed and just started kissing. After I
while I slid my hand up her shirt and carresed her chest.
Soon after I began kissing her neck which (like every girl
I know) just LOVES. Just kissing her neck she let out soft
moans. As I kissed her neck I built up the nerve to unzip
her pants and started exploring down there. Now, this was
unknown territory to me so I just felt around for a while.
Judging by the sounds she was making my natural instincts
were serving me just fine.
After a little while she broke away and much to my
delight she removed her shirt and bra and then much to my
suprise she reached for my pants and unzipped them, as she
did I removed shirt. She pulled my pants of and I just
lied on my bed with a bulge in my boxers. Before removing
them she removed her pants and panties and then removed
my boxers and before doing anything she told me she was
just as unexperienced as I was. She then proceeded to give
me a blow job. I wasn’t what I had hoped for but hey, it was
her first so I had to cut her a little slack. Right before
I was ready to shoot everywhere I pulled her and gave her a
look that just screamed “LETS FUCK BABY!” We kissed
and she lied down. I slowly spread her looks, leaned over
her and just clenched my teeth and shoved it in. Now, I
a 7 and a half inch cock. Not all THAT big, but also not
very small. Besides, I could SAY I have 10 inch cock but
all the guys on this damn site are lying about that anyway.
Now, a 7 inch cock in such a small cock could hurt, and
unfortunately poor Jenna was hurt, she let out this little
whimper but I just kept going, soon this whimper turned to
moans and after a while she orgasmed, then I did. Not bad,
I made her cum our first time, heh. Anyway, it was pretty
fuckin cool.

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