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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Hotel-room 208
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I took a trip to see my boyfriend. He is in the military so it was impossible for me to stay on base with him, so he paid for a hotel for me to stay at. The first night he dropped me off and then drove 15 miles back to the base and planned to pick me back up in the morning around 9…well it didn’t happen that way. The man staying in the room next to mine was drunk and banging on my door, so I called him back over and he stayed the night with me.

I had a fantastic time while I was with him. We went to dinner a few times at a really nice restaurant, went to a few movies, and spent 2 days at an island off the East coast. I had the best time of my life.

My last night there, he had to go to a meeting and I tagged along with him. The room was soo hot and the meeting was soo boring I was barely able to stand it. To keep myself sane, I kept kissing him during the meeting, and when it was over we went back to his room to get some things and figure out what we were going to do that evening.

We couldnt come up with anything, so we desided to go back to the hotel and watch a movie and go to bed.

When we got to the hotel I changed in to my pyjamas, put my hair up, and hoped on the bed. We started kissing and he pulled my hair tie out. Then he pulled my top over my head and was massaging my tummy and breasts through my bra. I lifted my hips so he could take off the pyjama shorts and he went back to massaging my tummy. His hands moved down to my legs and then back up. He was massaging my vagina over top of my underware. He asked me to sit up, and I did and he unhooked my bra… took him long enough!! I asked him if he wanted me to do it and he laughed at me and said no.. Ill get it. He kissed my shoulder and then threw my bra against the wall. He lowered me slowly, kissing from my shoulder to my breasts as he lowered me. When my back was resting on the bed again, he lowered his head and kissed my tummy and then positioned himself so he could move to suckle my breasts. He massaged my right breast until my nipple went hard, and he covered it with his mouth. He started swirling his tounge over and around it and started sucking on it.

This was the first time anything like this had ever happened to me, and it totally took my breath away, it felt sooo intense. He then did the same to my left breast. While he had his mouth on my left breast, he moved his hand over my tummy and down to my vagina and slid his fingers under the waist band of my panties. He moved his hand all the way to the end of my vagina and then slowly slid it back up, putting only one finger into my vagina. He gentelly and carefully moved it back and forth so I would get used to it and not feel rushed.

He started to insert it into my vaginal canal.He knew it hurt me a little, so he went slowly moving it in a little then back out, then in a little farther and then back out, until he could get his finger all the way in. He then tried two and did the same thing until he could get them both in all the way. He pulled his fingers out and then moved his head down. He kissed both my breasts, then my kissed my tummy all the way down to the waist band of my panties.

He asked me to lift my hips again, and I did. As he moved my panties lower and lower he would kiss each inch of skin that was exposed. He slid them off my thighs and then off my legs and it joined my bra on the floor after hitting the wall in the same place. I had to laugh and so did he. THen he kissed me again and I didnt want to stop kissing him. He moved from my mouth down to my breasts and kept going, this time not stoping. He moved around me so he was sitting in front of my knees. He grabbed them and slowly spread them apart, kissing his way down my thighs. He had me lift my hips again and he put a pillow under them. He kissed the outside of my vagina for a minute, and then slowly slid his toung in the same place he had his finger. He moved his tounge around for a while so I could get used to that as well, then he found my clit and started licking around it occasionally flicking his tounge over it, and would smile every time it made me jerk in reflex. Then he paid total attention to it, and I had my very first orgasm.

He let me rest a while, then he asked if I was doing ok and if I wanted to continue. I said yes I was fine and I wanted nothing more than to continue. He told me he loved me and asked if I still wanted to marry him.. I told him of course I did. After I confirmed to him that Yes I did love him and that I still had every intention of marrying him, he told me he had no right to continue if I had said No, I didnt want to marry him… I cant remember exactly how he said it, but I remember almost crying because if it. He was 22 at the time… His last relationship had ended almost 3 and a half years earlier, and he still cared enough about me to make sure that what was going on was what I wanted and served a purpose in our relationship.

We started kissing again, and he moved on top of me. He put his finger back into my vagin and started moving it to make sure I was wet enough. Then he pulled the pillow out from under my hips and helped me move my legs into a possition where neither of us would be uncomfortable. When he entered me I almost screamed. He or I had no idea how much it was going to hurt me. He almost broke into tears and was ready to call it quits until I reminded him that no matter when or who I did this with it was going to hurt and that I would rather do it with him now. He positioned himself, and gave me a great kiss. He told me to totally relax and I did. He slid in about a half inch before it started hurting, then he went slow. He would move in a little and then stop and move his head down to kiss me.. then he would push in a little farther and just stop and tell me how much he loved me. He did this for about 20 minutes until he got all the way in.

We just sat like that for about 5 minutes. THen he started moving in and out.. it was a painful, but it was one of those worth it pains.. you know the kind like giving childbirth.. it was a happy pain. About 20 minutes later I orgasmed again. I had no idea I would. I have heard that very few women are able to orgasm though intercourse anyway, let alone the first few times they make love, but I did the very first time. It was totally overwhelming. He climaxed about a minute after I had. He pulled out, and held and kissed me while I fell asleep.

We are still engaged and a wedding is Scheduled in October of 2000 (Hopefully! :o)), if not then, then the following year. He was and is my only love. My first and my last, and there is no one I would rather share this gift with!
I love you sexy! H-Bee

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