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Jean and KJ

Where it happened: Her Rec.Room
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I was at a grocery store and saw the cutest blond girl from my class at school.Her name is Jean.I had a crush on her since the first of class four weeks earlier.She smiled at me and said “hi”,we started to talk,I said I was having problems math.She was good at math,and asked me to come over to her house:30,and gave me another smile.She didn’t notice,but I got an instant hard on. When I got to her house,she answered the door wearing a plaid above the knee jumper,mock white turtleneck,white kneesocks and sneakers.I said “you look beautiful”,Jean blushed a little.She said her folks had gone out to dinner and a movie,and her little brother was at a friends for a sleepover.We had the house to ourselfs. We took our math books downstairs to her recreation room.We sat on the couch next to each other.She kicked off her sneakers,so I did to.We flipped open our math books,I said something funny about our math teacher,Jean srarted to giggle,and picked up a pillow off the couch and hit me with it.I picked up a pillow and got her with it,then I started to tickle her.We were rolling on the couch,and her plaid jumper had ridden up showing brief flashes of her white cotton panties.I got my biggest erection ever.We sat back up,I said “your so cute”,she said “you too”,and kissed my cheek,I kissed her cheek,and we started making out.I rubbed her right breast through her jumper.She smiled at me,I said “it’s sure getting warm in here”,and started to unbutton her jumper.She reached over and pulled my t-shirt over my head,I was naked from the waist up.But we were game,I pulled her jumper over her head.She was still wearing her white top,midrise panties,and knee socks.We kissed again.I felt her hands unbutton my bluejeans,then pulling down my zipper,showing my white jockey shorts,I lifed my bottom and she pulled my jeans off.She looked down and saw the outline of my penis and balls covered only by my underpants,I blushed,and Jean blushed too.I was down to my socks and shorts.While kissing I put my hand on her upper thigh and rubbed her.I worked my hand up to her pantie line,then started to lightly touch her pussy through her panties.I could feel Jeans slit.She put her hand on my penis over my shorts,and started feeling my cock and balls.She was gentle. I reached down and pulled her top off,she had these cute little firm b-cup tits,with little pointie nipples.Then I put my hands on the waistband of her panties and pulled them down,Jean lifted her bottom to help me.She had a little light blond hair on the top of her pussy lips.She took off her socks,and was completely naked.She kissed me,and bent down and took my socks off.Jean then put her hands on the waistband of my jockey shorts,and slowly pulled them off.She looked at my very hard penis and cute little fuzzy balls.She put her hand on my balls and massaged them.All of a sudden I started cuming,it must have squirted ten times.It went everywhere,on me,on Jeans face, hands and tits.Jean got a towel and wiped us off.We started kissing again,I was laying on top of her,with my hard again penis touching her pussy slit.I asked her if she wanted to have sex,Jean said ‘yes’.But, It was her first time,I said ‘mine too’,so be gentle.I pressed the head of my cock (with Jean’s help)into her slit.Her pussy was soft and tight.I could feel her cherry with my penis tip.Jean said “keep going”.I pulled back a little,then went foward harder,we could feel her maidenhead break.Jean let out a little yelp as her hymen broke.I was in her pussy all the way,I could feel my balls touching her just below her slit.I was in heaven,Jean too.We had sex for about ten minutes before I shot me sperm deep into her pussy,and then pulled out.We were all sticky,from my cum and hers,so we took a shower together.After,I dressed her,and she dressed me.We started going out after that.And we started using a condom after that too.

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