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Age when it happend: Thirty-three
Where it happened: At our home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I married a beautiful young girl of twenty-five when I was almost thirty-five. I’ve already told you all a little bit about her. Janet was working in a bank when I met her and she was 5’7” tall and had shoulder length dishwater blond hair, green eyes and a sensuous smile. Her measurements were 34C/23 /35 and she had a Texas twang. She grew up in Mesquite Texas known for its Mesquite trees and rodeos.

We dated for a year and a half before I asked her to marry me and she accepted. We’d had sex almost from our second date and it had been fantastic. But, she had a girlfriend whose name was Danielle and Danielle’s husband who attended a local seminary convinced Janet that it wasn’t right for us to have sex before marriage. So, we enjoyed a lot of oral sex. Janet loved oral sex and had sucked cock since the tenth grade and she always swallows. She has very sensitive nipples and if you tease and play with her breasts, you’ll take her to the point where she won’t be able to say, “No.” I can make her orgasm in two minutes going down on her, anybody can. I’ve made her orgasm twelve and fourteen times in a row without stopping. The more she climaxes the easier it is for her to climax again. Anyway, almost as soon as we married I began telling Janet how much I wanted to watch her fucking another guy. She promptly told me to ‘forget it’ and we continued on as we had, but I saw how excited she’d became when I’d discussed this with her.

We used to go to swinging singles nightclubs; I mean do they have clubs for married couples, anyway? We went to Kempi’s a nightclub in the basement of the Grand Kepenski hotel on the Dallas North Toll Road. The music was loud and the alcohol was good and they had a lot of hot guys and girls who went there to dance on weekends. In truth, it was a high-class meat market. I bought Janet a lot of hot club wear; see-thru blouses, tube tops and knit tops that were very revealing, especially since she never wore a bra except at work. I also bought her a lot of short skirts that were about two inches longer than your traditional mini skirt and I bought her several of those, too. And, while my young wife told me to forget about watching her entertain me with another guy, I persuaded her not to wear panties so when we went clubbing she’d never wear panties. Secretly, I knew the whole scene turned her on because I often allow my hand to stray between her thighs as we drove to a club and she’d be dripping wet. Janet also had several sexy cocktail dresses she liked to wear and when she wore them she would always be naked underneath them. I didn’t stop there. I bought her a lot of makeup, every color of Revlon lipstick that I could find (although her favorite was dark red and she also liked Passion Pink, lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner, blush and glitter and several different bottles of expensive French perfume. When we went out on a weekend I encouraged her to wear her makeup a lot heavier than she usually does.

Kempi’s was a swinging club and they had a nice cover charge and their drinks weren’t cheap, either. But that meant that the people who went there were more upscale than you found at a lot of other clubs. Janet tried to teach me to dance, but I’d had a holier than thou Bible thumping mother who though dancing was evil so I’d never learned. When I got on the dance floor I felt like I had two left feet, it seemed useless. The second night we were at this club I went to the men’s restroom and when I returned my young wife was not at our table. I looked around for her and discovered her dancing with an attractive sandy haired blond guy who was about 6’ 2” tall and must have weighed 220 pounds. While I was in excellent shape and worked out regularly I’m only 5’ 10”
tall and weigh 160 pounds. I stayed in the background and watched my wife sensuously dancing with this guy. She’s a dancing fool and she loves to dance, so I didn’t blame her, heck, I couldn’t dance. My penis stirred within my pants, I was incredibly turned on. This guy brought her back to our table and when I innocently walked up a few minutes later, my wife told me that while I was in the bathroom some guy had asked her to dance and she’d said, “Yes.” I asked her if she’d had fun and she replied, “Oh, yes.” That gave me an idea and I told her that if someone asked her to dance, I didn’t have a problem with that. However, most of the time when Janet heard a song she really wanted to dance to, no one asked her to dance and I guess that was because she was sitting with me.

One crowded Friday evening in December we’d checked our coats and had just sat down at a table on the edge of the dance floor. I’d ordered our drinks and at that time, Janet’s favorite drink was a Long Island Tea. I’d paid the waitress when our drinks arrived at and about the same time that I realized I’d left my company laptop on the back seat of our car. I never liked to pay for valet parking and I’d parked three blocks away, I had to go put my laptop in the trunk so I told my lovely wife that I’d be back as soon as I could. I’d even said, “Maybe tonight is your lucky night and some stud will ask you to dance with him.” While I was halfway joking, Janet looked especially hot that evening. She’d worn a red tube top that stopped just underneath her full breasts and her hard, erect nipples were poking holes in it. Her top accentuated her narrow waist. The gold skirt she’d worn stopped six inches above her knees and displayed her shapely thighs and she was wearing three inch heels on her feet.

I didn’t expect it to take me as long as it did to reclaim my coat and walk the three blocks to our car and then back to the club. When I got back to Kempi’s it was almost full and I had to wait in line to get in. It took me over an hour to put my laptop in the trunk and get back to our table. When I got there, Janet’s empty glass was on the table next to my full one. I looked around and didn’t see her until I looked up. Kempi’s has two elevated dance floors for small parties and there was one near our table. The floors were made of thick glass making it almost possible to see through them. Janet was talking with two guys by the small dance floor drinking a Long Island Tea and there was an empty glass on the table beside her.. I walked up the stairs only to be told by a bouncer that it was a private party. When I was talking with the bouncer I noticed that there were about ten hot looking girls, my wife included, some of whom looked like strippers, and about twenty guys. The bouncer said he was sorry, but it was a bachelor’s party.

I returned to our table and watched as much as I could which surprisingly, was a lot. A big sandy haired blond guy that looked like the guy who’d danced with Janet several weeks earlier was dancing with her. She looked small dancing with him, but she looked hot as she shook her booty. A muscular dark haired guy danced with her next and then she was dancing with the big blond guy again. By the way she was dancing with him I could tell she liked him. I must have watched for almost before I noticed a waiter bring my wife another Long Island Tea. I began to become concerned because Janet never drinks more than two of these dinks and by my calculations this was her fourth. A slow song came on and the blond guy took Janet in his arms and they rocked slowly back and forth to the music. He had one hand on the back of her neck and his other hand wandered down her back before it settled on her ass. She made an effort to get him to move it, but I guess he was too strong for her. She gave up when his hand on her neck lifted her chin up and his lips pressed against her open mouth in a passionate kiss. Again, she tried to break his hold, but he held her head to his and she finally stopped resisting him. It was about then that I noticed the bottom of her short skirt had ridden up and her upper thighs and beautiful ass were visible. He had his right hand between her thighs and he pumped two thick fingers in and out of my wife’s tight pussy as she ground her hips against them. Within minutes they came down the stairs and Thad, the guys name, went to the bathroom. Janet’s lipstick was smeared and her eyes were a little glazed. I asked her what was going on and she slurred her words when she replied, “As soon as I’d left the table Thad had appeared at our table and he’d invited her upstairs to a party. I hadn’t come back she’d decided to wait for me up there. She said she thought she’d have a better view, anyway. They’d bought her several Long Island Teas and she’d been excited thinking about what I’d told her I wanted to watch her do, but she’d decided against doing that. She wouldn’t have sex with another man, but she wanted to suck Thad’s dick because he’d made her feel so good upstairs, Would it be OK with me?” My dick was as hard as a rock and I said, “Where?” Janet stammered, “that she hadn’t told Thad that she was married, but that he’d just bought a Lincoln Continental that he wanted to show her, how about there?” I reluctantly agreed but said, “I was going to be outside, but they wouldn’t see me.” When they left the club I followed at a respectable distance until they reached a new four door Lincoln, Thad unlocked the doors and they got in the back seat. The rear window was slightly cracked and the ambient lighting gave me an unrestricted view of the interior of the car. Thad had positioned Janet in the middle of the back seat. Her gold dress and her skimpy tube top were on the seat beside her. She was totally naked except for her high heels! Her heels were hooked over the front seat and her legs were spread from door to door as Thad crouched between her thighs. His mouth covered her pussy as her head whipped from side to side. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open and her breathing was irregular. One of her hands was behind held the back of Thad’s head against her pussy and her other hand pinched her erect nipples. She was panting as her hips rose off the seat when he made her orgasm. She climaxed three times before he moved between her thighs and I almost didn’t see his large, thick penis slide inside her wet pussy. Thad’s huge penis was buried balls deep inside my wife as she moaned loudly, her hands on his ass as she begged him to fuck her harder. He made her orgasm three times before he paused deep inside her and slowly moved in and out several times. I knew he was filling my wife’s pussy with his searing baby batter. Sweat covered her face and her swollen breasts as she struggled to regain her breath. Finally, he pulled out of her with a loud sucking sound and his semen rolled down her ass cheeks onto the leather seat as he crudely told her, “Baby, you’re a fine fuck, and she nodded when he said, “I want to fuck you again.” I saw her hand disappear into her purse as she gave him her business card!

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