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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: My sister's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My mother was only 13 when I was born and 15 when my sister came along. We had different fathers, mine being very dark and hers being light. My mother was light-skinned and very pretty. She was also very highly sexed and always had a boyfriend, changing every couple of months. My sister and I were close and played together very well, including doctor and show me. None of us were modest and I often saw my sister and mother in the nude. When I was 11, my mother was going out with a new friend often and thought I was old enough for us not to need a sitter. One night I was lying on the sofa watching a movie when my sister called me to come to the bathroom. She got out of the tub as I entered and for the first time in a while I noticed her. She had begun to develop titties, which stuck out like plums with huge circles around the nipples. She had also started to grow some fuzz over the top of her pussy. Due to her light skin and dark fuzz, it stood out. She asked me what I thought of her new equipment. Naturally, I was all in favor of it and told her so. She then told me that one of her girlfriends was fucking her stepfather and said it was a lot better than the doctor games she had played with us a few years ago. My sister said she wanted to try and that she had chosen me to be her first. I asked her why and she told me that she had found out that our mother had started out fucking one of her brothers. She wanted me to fuck her because she knew that I would be gentle and not hurt her. Her friend had said that her stepfather was hung big and she had hurt for three days after the first time. Anisha, my sister, said she knew that my dick was not that big as she had peeked at me in the tub and had even seen it hard. Well, it was sure hard now and I agreed that now was the time for both of us to lose our cherry. We went into her bedroom and I quickly pulled my clothes off. My sister grabbed my dick and began to stroke it and then sucked it into her mouth. I’ll never forget the sensation of her mouth around my dick that first time, tight, wet, and hot. I blew within a couple of minutes and she drank it down. She told me that her friend often sucked her stepfather off before he fucked her because that made him last longer and she got more out of it. She kept stroking my dick and it never got completely soft. It was hard and throbbing within a couple of minutes. I told her to lay on the bed and I began to play with and suck her little titties. I also put one hand down to her pussy and began to rub it. Her clit had also grown a lot and she spread her pussy lips and told me to rub on each side of it. She began to hump her ass toward my hand and told me to stick a finger up her pussy. It was larger than before and was very wet. I fingered her for a few minutes before crawling between her legs and lining up my dick. I had a little trouble getting it in, but a few thrusts started it. Her pussy was so wet and slick that I had no problems after that and she said that she had only a twinge of pain when the head went past her cherry. I began slowly so I could enjoy each thrust up her hot, wet pussy, but soon began to increase the rate and depth of the strokes. Soon I was humping as fast as I could go and she was humping back. I came before she did, but didn’t even slow down with one fuck. I fucked her three more times that night before quitting and she had two comes. She finally said that it was beginning to hurt and we quit. She said our mother had come in and seen us fucking but had not said a word. We listened and could hear their bedsprings squealing. We went into the bathroom and spent a few minutes washing each other. We both agreed that we were going to continue whenever we had a chance. Our mother talked to us about it the next day and said that I would have to start using rubbers when my sister started her period, but in the meantime we should enjoy ourselves as much as possible. She promised to start my sister on the pill when she was twelve so she wouldn’t get pregnant like she did. My sister and I still knock off a piece whenever the mood strikes us although both of us have widen our circles to include other partners. She has introduced several of her friends into our circle, some of which were cherry. She was my first and still the best I have ever had.

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