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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This is a gay story.

It started when my friend (who I will call james) decided to come over my house. It was about one in the morning that we were sat in the back yard, just relaxing, and talking, like we normally do. I then just realized there was a carton of beer and a bottle of wine, and a few cigars to be had. We went to get them, then waited for my brother to go to bed (which would leave us alone). We went up to my room with everything. Then on the balcony, and got pretty hammered.

After an hour of drinking very quickly, we were pretty drunk. we began talking about people we know who have had gay experiences with other people. I asked him “Would you ever do anything gay?” sort of trying to pass a hint. “Only if I was completely wasted.” James replied with, looking rather horny. Then we both walked inside and grabbed the laptop. I was just on facebook and all the normal stuff. Then i got really horny.

I decided to go and put some porn onto the laptop. I was feeling really daring, so i pulled my dick out and started stroking it. He did the same and we were both sat there batting it. He then reached over and grabbed my cock, and started jerking it. I was shocked that I was getting my first handjob. He kept on stroking it for about 5 seconds, let go, and he began stroking his again. So I grabbed his dick and returned the favor.

We kept on playing this game for a minute or two, then he finally asked “I dare you to suck it!”
I wasn’t very sure on what I should have replied with. I hesitated for a while, then he said “I double dare you, I will return the favor to you again.” So i put my head next to his dick, looked at it. And wanted to back away. I thought, well if i do this, i will get my first blowjob. So i quickly shoved my mouth over his huge, curved dick. He let out a loud moan, and shoved my head down father, making me choke on his huge wet cock. I took my head of, and gasped for air, and said “Your turn!” I sat down, as he went towards my cock. He sucked the balls, then said “Cum in my mouth!” He sucked my dick for a long 20 minutes, and then i came all over him. He asked me if he could do the same. I acted as if i didnt want to, but i really did. so i blew him for about 30 minutes. He came in my mouth on my chest and stomach. I told him i was ready for another round, so he went on his knees and i fucked him. He said it hurt him, but felt good at the same time. I kept going, and came again. We are still good friends, but now he lives in another country. He comes here sometimes, there was even a time he blew me in an airport. But thats another story.

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