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Jack & Melanie

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Her room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My mum and dad had just split up and I was going to see my dads new house, I wasn’t impressed with the woman who was to be my step mother, she pissed me off from the begining, the house was quite big, there was a big staircase in the middle of the hallway, I had already met my new step mother but not her kids, my dad called them to come and meet me, a young boy in shorts and t-shirt, carrying a gameboy came down the stairs complaining about having lost his game because he had to come down, he was Jacob, he was ten, he was followed by a sweet chubby little girl in a summer dress named Emily who was six, then to my surprise a gorgeous girl approached the top of the stairs, that was Melanie, she had a perfect body, long straight blond hair down her back and peircing blue eyes, she wore a baby pink vest top and denim shorts, I have never seen anything so pretty in my life, she said hi in a sweet voice and offered to make me a drink with ice as we where on a heat wave, my dad, step mother, Jacob and Emily went shopping, I sat in the garden with Melanie, I was trying to make conversation but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, she giggled and asked me my age, I told her I was fourteen, she told me she was sixteen, almost seventeen, she also told me that she thought I was “incredibly sexy for a fourteen year old” I was so glad that she thought I was sexy, I took my top off and bared my chest that I was proud of, I’d been working on it since I was twelve, I told her I was hot so that was my excuse to show off my hard tanned stomach, she commented again on my body and asked me if I was a virgin, I was quite surprised that she just came out with it, I told her the truth, I was, she told me she wasn’t, she’d had sex in loads of different places, only with two different guys, who where both her boyfriends at the time, it wasn’t as though she was a slut or anything.
Melanie told me she was horny and that I had turned her on with my sexy body, I blushed and she laughed, she walked towards me and sat on with one leg either side over me while I was laying on the sunbed, she then asked me if I had ever eaten someone out, had a blowjob, been jerked or fingered anyone, I told her the truth again, I hadn’t done any of those, I was only fourteen and had only just recently moved out of a boys school to a regular mixed one, she perposly sat down hard on my dick and wriggled, she laughed as she felt me go hard, she jumped off of me, then she pulled me up out of the chair by my hands pulled my shorts down, exposing my stiff cock, she pushed me back down so I was sitting on the edge of the sunbed with my shorts round my ankles, she got on her knees and pushed her face between my legs, she licked my balls and then moved up running her tongue up the shaft to the head, it felt amazing, like nothing before, until she massaged my balls in one hand, rubbed my cock in the other and sucked on the end, in no time I leant back and exploded into her mouth, she winked at me and asked me how it was, I was in shock, it was so sexy, I sat on the sunbed with my shorts round my ankles and limp dick hanging as she got up, licked her lips and slid her panties down her legs slowly, which turned me on badly, she bent over infront of my face to step out of them, exposing her sweet, tight, pussy.
When she was done turning me on like that, she told me to lay down and close my eyes, I did so, I felt exposed, laying in the garden with my cock out, she got on top of me and lent over, whispering filthy things in my ears and kissing and licking my neck and ear lobes, I was rock hard again, I could feel my cock pulsing, it wanted her to suck it again, but she didn’t, I felt her lower herself onto me, suddenly my cock was warm, wet and it felt amazing, I opened my eyes to see Melanie riding me, my throbbing cock was right inside her, I didn’t think seven inches would fit but it sure did, she asked me how it felt, all I could do was moan, she started rocking her hips back and forth tightening her pussy muscles as she did, I had thought her sucking me off was good, but this was the most amazing feeling I had ever had, she started bounching softly right on my cock, everytime she lifted up it was as though I was being sucked off by the worlds best BJ giver, I didn’t last long asfter she started bouncing, my big, thick, pulsing cock shot my load deep into her, she moaned with pleasure, I thought she’d be done but oh no… I heard a voice, it was her next door neighbour, she went over to the wall, while she was talking to the neighbour she decided to tease me, she lifted her skirt and showed her sweet tight ass, I walked over to the wall to be introduced, I had to get her back, I slipped a finger inside her, she looked at me as if to say “Haha you can’t get me that way”, I slid down the wall and said I needed some shade, I got on my knees and put my face between her legs, I ate her and ate her, she got wetter and wetter, I could feel her about to explode into orgasm, I sucked softly on her clit, she came without making a sound, I ate her out again, this time I could tell she needed to scream, she made an excuse to the neighbour and dragged me inside, she lay on the floor with her legs open and ordered me to fuck her, at first I just went down on her, she tasted like some kind of angel, she came all in my mouth again, this time she let out a large sexy moan, I lowered myself onto her and thrust my stiff cock into her, she moaned again, I held her hands above her head and pushed in as deep as I could go very slowly, it drove her wild, she wanted a hard fucking, I just massaged her clit with my throbbing cock, she sighed and moaned and opened her legs wider, screaming “Fuck me, Fuck me!” so I did, I thrust into her over and over, she moved her hips up and down with me, so we where always pressed against each other, it made it deeper and sexier, I fucked her brains out, I didn’t know I could go that long, I did it until she was almost losing her voice from screaming, suddenly for the last time, she orgasmed, she tightened her pussy around my cock and I exploded inside her, she came at that moment too, she was so full of her own and my cum that it dripped all down her legs, she went to the shower while I cleaned up, my dad and her mum arrived back and we got away with it, we still fuck, every time I stay, she is the most amazing fucker I have ever come accross, I’ve only had two girls since that first time but neither lived up to my Melanie!

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