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Where it happened: boyfriend's swim pool
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Jack and i were boyfriend and girlfriend for 5 years already. We exposed ourselves to each other alot, and we weren’t embarresed. So one day, we went skinny dipping. Be4 we dove, he hugged me from behind, grabbing my breasts and his penis head going inside my pussy. i pushed away and dove in. in the water, we played for some time, and when i was tired, i clung to the edge, and floated. He dove in, and swam right next to me. then, he went under the water, were he touched my pussy. i jerked, and he came back up. what were you doing? i asked. hey, isn’t it time we started? he replied. i swam away, and he followed. i turned, and we kissed. he swam away,, and i got out of the pool and starting sunbathing on the lounge chair. i fell asleep, and the next thing i knew, i woke to his finger in my pussy, making me organism. It felt great, and he was stroking my cunt, and pushing his fingers in and out. my pussy was sopping wet. he slowly took his fingers out, and i really didn’t want him to stop. but i kept pretending to sleep instead. His heda went down, and soon i felt his tongue licking my clit, and later, inside my cunt. this time, i let him know i was awake, and groaned. His head shot up, and i protested, don’t stop! so he kept going, tongue fucking me. I sat up, my pussy still being licked clean by him. i pushed his head, trying to get his tongue deeper. i grabbed his shaft, and started liking and sucking his, her groaned, then cummed in my mouth. i swallowed, and licked off the cum that dribbled down my chin. his now-limp dick drooped out of my mouth, and i fingered my self, while he watched, getting himself hard again. this time, he touched his dick to my pussy lips, and swirled it around and around, teasing me with his head. it felt great, and i was screaming. while his hand guided his dick around and around the inside of my pussy lips, he other hand massaged my boobs. i groaned and moaned. Soon, i stopped him, and went to the pool. He followed, and we continued from there.( it was too hot under the sun) He swam up, and, put the head of his dick in. i pushed down, and it went in. all 8″inches went in, adn i groaned with pleasure. i bled a little in the pool, and he continued fucking me. it was slow, becuz the water made it harder. we clung onto the edge, and both of us climaxed togethor, her grasped my boobs, and massaged them, his dick still in me. he then pulled me to the side of the pool, and picked me up, climbing out of the pool, and putting me ina lounge chair. As i fingered myself to get me wet again, and jerked off, to get his dick hard again. soon, we were fucking again.he massaged and sucked my boobs, and fucked my pussy. soon, my hole was red and wide. he pulled out, gasping, after he had blew his 4th load in me. a month later, i was pregnant, and we fucked during the pregnancy. We learned fisting, and he loved to fist me. the deeper the better. he plunged almost hisi while arm in, but not quite. I gave birth to josh, a healthy baby boy, we are now married and fuck daily, with 2 kids. Josh and Arena, a girl.

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