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it hurt so bad

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: dance/club
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

my first time was december 31 2009 at 1 am. i was 15. i was at this club thing with some friends and i was dancing. i found this one guy sorta cute : he had blue eyes, curly brown hair and he was tall. so i smiled at him a few times and then i went to sit at the bar with my friends. he came and sat next to me with his friends. we started talkin and he was nice, so we went to dance. as we were dancing we sarted to make out so we went to sit on the couch. on the cuch he started to run my clitoris and finger me… he aslo gave me a hickey on one of my boobs. he asked if i wanted to go further i said okso we went in a bathroom stall. i just broke up with my boyfriend so i was very horny and lonely and tipsy.
we started making out again and he asked if i wanted to have sex i said ok so he sat on the toilet and i gave him a blow job, he said i was very good and i said it was my first time. he came in my mouth and i swallowed.he asked if i was a virgin and i said yes and then he said he wasnt. he took out a condom and put it on and said to sit on him. i did but his dick wouldnt fit! he asked if i was putting it in the right whole but i was sure i was. so he sat me up on the sink and tried but it still wouldnt work. he was realy hurting me. he went back on the toilet seat and i sat on him again and we kept trying to get his dick in… we tried for at least 10 minutes till it finally worked… it hurt so badly i felt like crying. i told him it hurt and he said it was normal cause it was my first time and he just fucked me harder. i hid my face behind his back so he couldnt see my facial expression and he gave me an intense hickey on my other boob… he asked if it felt good and i said it hurt but it was feeling better. we continued for a while and then my friends knocked on the bathroom door and said it was important and stuff so i left him there and went to see. i bled alot tho. and today it still hurts and i walk crooked…. and for the rest of the night whenever i saw him it felt awckard.

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