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It felt so good a girls dream

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: His bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was my first time and I remmember it so well. It was raining outside and the thunder was loud so we cuddled in the sofa infront of the tv watching a thriller. It was kind of dark in the aparment and cold. So we both had our shoes of and were under a warm blanket. I laid my head on his chest and I feel his heart beat. It started beating faster and I asked him jairo are u ok? He said he was so I didn’t mind. We wrapped our legs around each othera. He began to run his fingers through my hair. I felt myself getting wet between my thighs. I felt him start to harden under me. After a few minutes he insited that we go up to his room cause it was warmer there. I said ok. He took the dvd and we went upstairs, leaving our shoes in the living room. In his room he put the dvd in. He layed in his bed and I beside him. The heater was on and his room was really warm. Its a lil warm in here he said u don’t mind if I take off my shirt?. I said no. He then took of his shirt and he had the sexiest chest with a 8 pack and everything. I got so hot I didn’t want him to notice. He then layed down. The lights were dim and the thriller was getting dull. I layed beside him begining to rub and stroke his chest. Feeling his abs down. For some reason something made me rub downer so I put my hand under his shorts and felt his stiffness. He looked at me shocked and I just smiled and removed my hand from under his shorts. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I just wanted to runaway. But he then took my hand and put it back in and guided me towards his hard dick I was intensely shocked myself. He held my hand and stroked it. He then let go and let me do it on my own. I began to stroke and rub his hard dick. Up and down I jerked him. He got bigger and bigger. He groaned softly and smiled. I then decided to remove his shorts till he was completely bare. I brought his dick into my mouth. He was unaware of what was about to happen. I sucked and licked all around. Getting his dick wet. I jerked him off and kept sucking and licking his balls. He kept groaning in pleasure. I sucked harder and gagged as I took him in my watery mouth deeper. He ran his fingers through my hair and guided my head to take him in deeper and suck harder. He kept on bitting his lips and holding it in before he exploded. He then pulled me off of him. I was wondering why. Did I do something wrong? I asked he looked at me and said nothing. As I layed back down he began to caress my neck and kiss my lips and licking my neck down to my chest, raising off my shirt. I stopped him and said I’m not ready. He looked at me unsure and said ok its fine. Looking dissapointed. He really wanted me to lose my V with him. I then got up and stood infront of the bed and him. I began removing all of my clothes slowly. He looked at me in shock. I removed my bra and my panties till I was bare like him. Now I’m ready I said smiling. He was amazed by my physique. He stared at me for a good 10 seconds before he got up and pushed me in his bed. He continued licking, carressing and touching me. He sucked each of my breasts as I closed my eyes enjoying the deep pleasure. He sucked one breast while he played with the other with his hand. He Then moved his hands down to my pussy. rubbing the outside and still sucking on my breasts. He then got up and spread my legs. He looked at it and immidietly I felt his tongue all up in there. I moaned. Mmmm he kept licking and spread my pussy lips with his fingers. I felt him fingering me. And lapping my clit with his tongue. I moaned louder as he kept playing with my clit. When he sucked on my clit I screamed and moaned so loud. It felt amazing. He kept eatting down there and I enjoyed it. He fingered me at the same time. I was really really wet and slippery that when he said if I was ready for the monster I said yes. He sliped in me and I growled uncontrollably. I was so wet that it wasent hard for him to push his dick in. It practiclly slipped in. We fit so well. He began humping me. Pushing himself in and out. We both moaned. I was screaming so loud he had to kiss me to shut me up. He kept on fucking me and I enjoyed it so much. We loved each oither and that’s why it felt so special to trust him with my body. He made me feel so good. He then fucked me from behind. Then doggystyle. Then he ate me when I had my first orgasm. He drank all my cum and ate me all over. I was high on love. He then fucked me again and again. He cumed so much that day. I gave him another blow job. I swallowed every drip of his cum. I then layed down with my legs wide open and he enter me for the last time that day. I held his tight butt pushing him deeper. Harder I yelled. Mmmm deeper baby. Oooooo ahhhhh mmm OMG!! Oh yes baby. Aaaaaa!! He went in and out up and down. Till he finnally collasped on top of me. I love you he said. I love you too I replied.
It was the most amazing day of my life.
We are still together and are married. He eats me out everyday. He just loves giving oral sex. He does anything to make me happy. We got 1 year old twins a boy and a girl. He’s the best father and husband a girl could have. I love you Jairo. I don’t know what I would do without you.

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