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Irreparable Decision

Where it happened: principles office
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It all start my sophmore year in high school.I was a bad kid and was sent to the principles office often.

Recently when I was sent to her office it happened.She was sitting behind he desk and asked me to take a seat.I sat down slowly ready for another lecture like all the other times.She starts on the lecture and as I was listening I started to get hard.So folding my hands across my crotch area I continued to listen.She got up and walked around the desk and sat in a chair right next to me.She said that I needed to straighten up.She placed her hand on my leg(bad mistake) she felt my errection and had a digust look on her face.I said nothing as I was a little embaraced.But to my surprise she unbuttoned her shirt and took off her skirt.I was in total shock stood up ready to leave.I didnt want to see her naked so I turned around.Shetold me to turn back around and I did.There she was my principle on the floor on all fours begging for my virgin cock.I looked at her and began to get turned on.She was wearing a black bra and a pair of black thong.She unzipped my pants and pulled out my fairly nice sized cock(close to 9 inches) and began to suck on it.I sat down into the chair and watched her do her work.When she was done she bent over infront of me and pulled her thong off exposing her nice 43 year old clit.I didnt nkow what to do because I never had sex before so she grabbed a handful of my cock and guided it into her clit.She said start to pump in and out.Doing that I tought I was hurting her because she was moaning.I was slowing down because I didnt want to hurt her and then she ordered me to pump it as fast as I could.I did so and it lasted about 25 minutes and I exploded all on her face.After wards we got dressed and checked each other for any evidence that we did something.One the way out she said to keep up the goodwork.

From that day on I met up with the principle every weekend and we fucked like wild animals up until she moved and we got some man.

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