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initiation into the gang

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: camping
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Five years ago, I finally got to go camping with the gang of my friends in the woods. The place was just outside of cottonwood arizona, I forget the exact name, but what went on there was amazing. The gang, about thirty of us, were set up in tents about the place, with six tents total for the group. I know the night was somewhat cold, even by the early spring standards of arizona. Today though was to be a initiation into the group, and it was considered to be “THE GROUP” to get into at high school. All day, and well into the evening we had a modest bash, the music was not loud (campground rules) but someone had spiked many of the drinks we were served, I didnt find out until much later after the events of the day. I think it was about eight or so, when those new initiates, seven of us, had it explained what was to happen this night (we all ahve heard of the wild tales told of this group, and expected to have some outrageous things happen). Each of us (there were five guys and one other girl besides me) were to go into a random tent, after being stripped naked (in front of all the others no less!!!) and blindfolded, then we would climb into the empty sleeping bags within, and wait for the first person to climb in with us. Whomever it was, we were to have sex with, until they climaxed. This is where I got nervous and giddy at the same time, wondering how i would perform. Shortly after this, I was laying inside of one sleeping bag, and waited, with the blindfold on. It seened to take forever, the waiting, wondering who it would be, and if I could actually go through with it. I have heard many stories of a girls first time hurting and being hard on her, with men being real rough. Finally I heard someone come in, and move next to me, while they pulled open the sleeping bag. A pair of lips kissed me on the mouth, and I felt giddy, I think I started giggling at that point, and parted my legs to make it easier for him to lay on me and get into my pussy. Turns out my estimation of it being a “him” was premature, the pair of large breasts pressing into mine as they lay upon me was the proof of that. GOD ABOVE!!! I was going to get laid by a woman!!! I remember thinking that at the time, but soon enough, she was kissing me on the neck, and nipples, with a bit of action soon to follow, I remeber feeling her body on mine as she shifted aroud, with her hands parting my legs open more, and her soft bush brushing my face. I was not sure at this point what I wanted, save to get into the “in crowd” desperately. My first taste of pussy was to my surprise, intense, and enjoyable. Soon enough I was into it, or her, or wahtever, as she started in on me, and got me to climax before she did, but I finally got her off as well, and made it into the club. I still love pussy at any time possible.

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