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incredible fuck

Where it happened: on the bus
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

We were on the way home one night from our last game of the season before playoffs. He is quarterback of the football team and I am a cheerleader. After the guys showered and changed clothes we headed home. When I got on the bus he motioned be to sit in the very last seat with him. We talked for a while, and then I felt him run his hand up my leg and to my vagina. He pushed aside my thong and put his finger on my clit. He began to massage it gently. It felt awesome and I leaned in to kiss him. After a while he took my clit between his fingers and started rubbing it wildly. I almost screamed with pleasure. I began to shake in a wild orgasm and he slowly stopped.

I kissed him passionately and then I began to undo his pants. I reached in and pulled out his penis. I began to run my fingers up and sown slowly, just to tease him a bit. Then, when he couldn’t stand it anymore, I took his shaft in my hand and began to move up and down fiercely. I could hear him moaning and his breathing became heavy. He laid back and closed his eyes just before he came. After this, the bus stopped and we decided we better clean up a big before going in the restaurant. Well we talked with everyone, got something to eat and headed back to the bus. When we got back to the bus we sat on the back seat and he began to kiss me. He untied my sweater and began sucking on my breasts. He then reached up my skirt and removed my lacy thong underwear. He then laid me against the wall of the bus and spread my legs.

He put his fingers in my vagina and began to finger me. The put his tongue in licking me up and down until his tongue found my clit. As soon as it did I felt a jolt travel through out my whole body. He began massaging my clit whit his tongue until the orgasm caused me to scream. He then sat up and began to suck my breasts and neck while he forced his fingers in and out of me. About this time we heard everyone else coming to the bus, so I closed my legs and we just began to talk. A while later, while most were asleep, I began to unbutton his pants. I put my hands in his underwear and rubbed his balls. He really liked this. I then put my hand around his penis and began to rub it.

Once he had a good hard erection, I pulled it all the way out of his pants. I then strattled his lap to where his penis barely touched my vagina. This drove him crazy. He kissed me passionately. Then I sat down slowly, his penis entering me. It hurt at first, but I didn’t care, I wanted it. There wasnt much room, but it didnt matter. He fucked me for a while, moving his penis in and out of me slowly. Then he came inside of me. I pulled his penis out of me and began to rub it until it was hard again. I put it back in his pants and told him to follow me. I got up and went into the bathroom. A bit afterward he followed. The bus was moving, so it was hard to stand. He leaned against the wall and pulled down his pants. (By this time there was no telling where my panties were). He picked me up with his hands on my ass and I wrapped my legs around his. He then put his penis in me and began moving me back and forth, penetrating me deep. I couldnt help it; I moaned and yelled out his name. Someone came to the door to check on me, and I told them I was ok. I lay down on the floor and he got on top of me and began to fuck me again. After we were tired we freshened up and went back to our seats. When we made it back to the school I brought him home with me, since my parents were out of town. As soon as we walked in the door he began to take off my clothes. Once I was naked, he laid me on he floor and spread my legs completely out.

He began to finger me, rough this time, as if he were trying to cause me pain. Then, he got up, and took off all of his clothes. My legs were still spread and he began to jack off at the sight of my wet vagina. After he came all over the floor, he kneeled down and put his penis between my breasts. He pushed my breasts together and thrust himself back in forth. Once he was hard again, he got up and took my legs, spread them, and pushed them up until my knees almost touched my head. He then inserted his penis and began to fuck me in a way that I cannot describe. Once he came he released my legs and lay on top of me out of breath, with his now soft penis still inside of me.

I cannot describe the mixture of pleasure and pain I felt at this time. Once he caught his breath, he got up, pulling me up with him. I teased him a bit until he was hard again and he bent me over until my hands were flat on the floor, then he spread my legs until the access was easy, inserted his penis and began to slam himself into me again and again as we both cried out with much pain and pleasure. After this we tried every other position we could this of. We literally fucked on and off for 7 straight hours. We still enjoy fucking each other at school, on the bus…..just about anywhere.

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