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In School?

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: school
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was 13 and in the 8th grade, just like any other regular guy, I was horny as hell! (still am) Anyway, I went to a private school where when class started they locked the doors and no-one, not even staff or faculty was in the halls. So, it was any normal day, you know, get up, get ready, go to school. It was first hour and I had decided to be late for class, and just get some water for 5 min., so as i was roaming the halls, when who did i bump into but my crush since last year,we’ll just call her lindsey, so we kinda got to talking and the thing was that she was really really horny, she had alot of sexual tension that needed to be realeased. It was just me and her in the hall, so why not? Obviously i agreed, for a 13 year old, she was HOT, curves like you wouldnt believe a 23 year old could have,and today especially i could see most of her tits through her tight fitting shirt, i mean she was practically a mastrubation idol for the guys in the school. It began, we were both virgins, i put my hands up her shirt to unlace her bra and start feelin’ around in there, but i soon found that she wasn’t wearing a bra, i swear i almost blew my wad right there, so i feeled around for about a minite or so and moved on, she got to her knees, un-zipped my jeans, and pulled out my obviously rock hard 6 incher and started sucking, i said wait, we can make this more fun, so what i did is got on the ground unbuttoned her tight wet pants, and to my surprise she had no panties on, that was the least of my thoughts at that moment though, so i started to well, french her clit, while she was sucking me off, so it dawned on me that we might get caught so we pulled up our pants and ran to the boys bathroom(which because it was a private school, had a very sanitary and clean floor), and locked the door, then we figured since the door is locked we might as well have some fun, so we both stripped totaly naked, when i saw her completely nude, i was just overwhelmed with joy (and hormones) i finaly after about 10 seconds or so moved my attention up to her face, and saw that her eyes were fixated on my apparently tasty cock. I said “lets go” so she went on the ground and i put my dick in her candy tasting clit, pumped hard and then finaly blew my wad, i could see by her facial expression that she felt it. then i said to her, i saw this in a porno once, she said “what?” i said “just get on your knees and close your eyes” she did what i said and i went in front of her, and told her to open her eyes, she did and then, i put my large number in between her breasts and thrusted back and forth, then finaly she said “i wanna suck you off once more” so she did and this time it was better than last, i then shot my second round into her mouth, and she complied swallowing it all. I still maintain a non sexual, and sexual relationship with her today, and let me tell you, her physique has only gotten better, she has now a DD cup size. I am the luckiest guy on earth!

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