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i loved it

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It all started one day when i went to my friend Dan’s house. We were supposed to go golfing and i was there to pick him up. When i got there his mom answered the door and told me that Dan was at his father’s for the weekend as they were divorced. She asked me to come in and see if i could reach something for her on the top of her cubbard. As i went into the kitchen she went to the bathroom. Now Dan’s mom was pretty hot for being 30 she was tall, about 5’9″, slim, and had very big tits. After about 5 min. i herd moans comming from the bathroom i looked in, as the door was open a crack, and saw her sitting on the toilet with the lid down fingering herself! I was shocked to see this beutiful woman doing this right in front of me. She noticed me and smiled and said “Come in here Stan. I want to give you all the pleasure you can handle.”

I didn’t hesitate i went right in and started fondling her breasts. “Oh yes, that’s it, my tits, rub my tits.” she said. then she climbed on top of me and started dry humping me. she pulled out my 9″ schlong and started riding it up and down until she was screaming so loud i thought someone was going to call the police. After about 15 minutes i cummed inside her she couldn’t get enough. So she started sucking me until i was hard again. Then she made me fuck her in the ass. It was very tight and a hard fit. She was loving it and as i fucked her she fingered herself. I jizzed again this time it spewed out of her asshole like water out of a hydrant.

I had sex with her many times after that, and to this day will ocasionally cum on her body. I do not love her but i do love the sex.

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