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i love tennis

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Tennis Court
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

It was a cool morning at round 8.00 am. The sun was not hot that day. I had asked Prisie to meet me there, for tennis praactice. She was ten minutes late as usual.
She was in a tight shirt and a short ble mini-skirt. I grinned at her as i surved the ball. Lust shined in my eyes, she was “bare” in my mind. I could see how reflective her skirt was. What slender legs…..
Sudeenly, teh tennis ball hit my dick, sendomg me into agony. Prisie ran towards me and asked if i was alright. I looked at her in agony again, and replied that iT waz hurting alot. then she said sorry and placed her fingers on my dick and felt it.
She felt the soft, soft cock, like a sponge. The n she sighed and rubbed my cock vigerously like it was her way of saying “Just do it.”
WE were turned on instantly Then i stood up as my dick hardened like a rock. i rested my hands on her butt and rubbed up n down slowly pulling her miniskirt down.
i put myself closer and closer to her breast and pulled the whole thing down. then she slowly unzipped my shorts and it droped dowm to the floor. Then we both striped as it was sunday and noone was there.
we both striped bare and i felt her big boobs.they were soft and soon i was sucking her nipple. and i fondaled with her virgina. she sucked my dick and i whooshed out and she swollowed it nice.
Some overflowed from her mouth.

After this we were all wet so we went into the lockers and we showered together. Fucking as we went alone…..

By the way, my nick’s Loy.

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